Releasing equity from your home remotely

It's possible to release equity from your home while in self-isolation or in accordance with social distancing guidelines.

How to release equity from your home remotely

We've been providing lifetime mortgage advice remotely since 2018. Here we've outlined the process, with particular attention to where it is different at the moment.


Your free, initial consultation will take place over the phone, as is normal for us.

The initial consultation is an opportunity for your adviser to understand your situation. After this they can start researching and identifying the best solutions for you.


Your adviser will make a recommendation by post or email, depending on your preference.

How much equity you can release will depend on several factors, such as your age, the value of your home and the size of your outstanding mortgage balance.


If you want to proceed, your adviser will put together your lifetime mortgage application on your behalf.

Some lenders still require a signed paper application document, so postal correspondence with you may be required. Other lenders are happy for digital signatures to be used.

Where lenders still rely on paper processes our advisers are in touch with the providers to ensure post is collected and your application is not delayed.


Under normal circumstances the lender would physically inspect the property in order to value it, and some are still doing this in accordance with social distancing guidelines.

Some lenders are now accepting desktop valuations that are completed without the need for a physical inspection.

Offer review & signing

Until now face-to-face legal advice was required at this stage to ensure you fully understand the offer when you sign it.

This is still possible under social distancing guidelines, through a window for example. The Equity Release Council has temporarily allowed this legal advice to be provided remotely, over the phone or video conference call for example.


Once your offer acceptance document has been signed and your solicitor has completed all the required legal work the lender will set a completion date for the funds to be released to your solicitor.

Once the funds have been released it as at this point our advice fee of £950 is due.

Find out whether equity release is right for you

Get a free initial consultation with OneFamily Advice.

In your free initial consultation your adviser will check you meet the basic criteria for a lifetime mortgage and ask questions to understand your current circumstances, should you wish to proceed.

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See how much equity you can release

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Important: The loan amounts above are an illustration of the amount you could borrow. The actual amount may vary depending on your individual circumstances. The figures are not guaranteed and do not constitute an offer to lend. The loan amount will need to pay off any existing mortgage secured against the same property.