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Green wave incoming: Teens demand that businesses more environmentally friendly post-pandemic

27 Aug 2020

Businesses are being urged to pay attention to teenagers as three-quarters demand active steps to be greener post-pandemic.

Teenagers would save rather than spend a £5,000 windfall as coronavirus leads to caution

05 Aug 2020

If offered £5,000, almost eight out of ten (79%) teenagers said they would put the money into savings – the most popular response given.

We have a duty to celebrate Pride

30 Jul 2020

Baby Boomers worry Millennial financial struggles will hurt them too as care costs bite

17 Jun 2020

No fuss teen-friendly tech for child trust fund holders

26 May 2020

Friendly society OneFamily is to use teen-friendly tech to make life easier for its 1.6 million child trust fund account holders, as their accounts mature from September this year.

One third of teenagers are unaware they will receive a child trust fund windfall in September

09 Mar 2020

OneFamily has revealed that around a third of teenagers are unaware that they are due to receive a windfall, and 60% may have lost track of their accounts altogether.

£1,700 a year – the cost of Pester Power

28 Oct 2019

Parents spend around £1,700 a year caving in to pester power – but most manage to turn the pressure into a teachable moment.

Teddy Nyahasha to succeed Simon Markey as Chief Executive Officer of OneFamily

26 Sep 2019

After seven years, OneFamily Chief Executive Simon Markey will be stepping down, to be succeeded by current Chief Finance Officer Teddy Nyahasha on the 1 January 2020.

Parents promise to pay teens £150 each for good exam results

21 Aug 2019

Millions of parents are encouraging their teens to do well in school exams by incentivising good results with cash or gifts, pledging £150 per child – the equivalent of £150m across the UK.

The power of advice: Majority of over 55s who think they know what retirement financial solution they need change their minds following financial advice

19 Aug 2019

Research amongst later life financial advisers by OneFamily has revealed that a quarter (25%) of their clients have an idea of what they want when taking advice. However, of these people, over half of them (55%) changed their minds after speaking to a financial adviser, demonstrating the value and importance of financial advice.

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