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Property vs pension: Over 65s hold nearly five times as much wealth in property than pensions

18 Feb 2019

Analysis has revealed that over 65s have nearly five times as much in their property than their pensions savings , with £1.6 trillion held in property wealth, compared to £336 billion held in retirees’ pensions.

Great expectations: teens expect to earn £70k by age 30

13 Feb 2019

Today's teenagers expect to earn £70,000 on average by the time they turn 30 - nearly three times the actual average salary for 30-year olds , and earnt by just one in 20 adults in the country during their entire career .

Time of my life: new retirees spend £5 billion a year on big ticket experiences

30 Jan 2019

New research from financial services provider OneFamily suggests over 65s are vying for the title of ‘experience generation’, with research showing they spend an average of £2,200 a year in the first five years of their retirement - a total spend of nearly £5 billion each year.

Thousands of first-time buyers holding off because of Brexit

09 Jan 2019

New research from financial services provider OneFamily reveals that the political climate is acting as the main deterrent for those in a financial position ready to get on the property ladder. More than half (55%) of aspiring first-time buyers with a deposit at the ready are holding off on buying as a result of Brexit – the equivalent of at least 136,000 people across the UK.

OneFamily extends its two-year fixed lifetime mortgage

19 Dec 2018

OneFamily is extending its two-year fixed lifetime mortgage rate for an additional year.

Lifetime mortgages popularity soaring amongst wealthier homeowners

12 Dec 2018

According to OneFamily data, the price of a property OneFamily lends on is now 59% higher than average, at £370,483 versus a nationwide price of £232,554.

The trend for increasingly expensive homes being used for OneFamily Lifetime Mortgages demonstrates they are being used as a product of choice in retirement planning for an increasing number of homeowners.

Five million parents admit they aren’t equipped to help teach their kids about money

05 Dec 2018

More than five million parents in the UK say they find it difficult to teach or talk to their children about money because they lack confidence.

According to new research from financial services provider OneFamily, more than one in three (36%) parents struggle to discuss money with their children. Even though nearly all (97%) agree it is important for their children to learn personal finance skills, one in 10 (10%) avoid the subject altogether, even when asked.

Personal finance lessons failing school children

21 Nov 2018

Secondary schools are failing to equip teenagers with the financial capability they will need in the real world, according to research among teachers.

The research, from financial services provider OneFamily, reveals that half (50%) of secondary school teachers rate the personal finance lessons delivered as part of their school’s personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) education as either satisfactory or poor.

Pocket money economy worth £224 million a year

16 Nov 2018

Research from financial services provider OneFamily has revealed that the UK pocket money economy is worth £224 million, with children receiving an average of £359 a year.

On average children get £6.90 a week, starting from the age of five, until the child turns 18. In most families (58%), mum gives the lion’s share , with dad handing out the cash in a third of families (29%) and in one in ten families (9%) it is the grandparents that splash the cash.

Northern cities rated best places to live

09 Nov 2018

Sunderland, Aberdeen and Leeds have been rated the best places to live and work, according to OneFamily's new Liveability index.

The Liveability Index, created by financial services provider OneFamily, ranks Britain’s towns and cities with over 200,000 residents. The index is based on both the balance of income and costs of living in each place, as well as how residents feel about living there. The index takes into account the cost of living and working, satisfaction with work and commuting, and general happiness levels, as well as levels of concern on issues like job prospects, work-life balance, the local property market and crime.

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