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Use our free Junior ISA calculator to find out how investing in your child’s future today could reap rewards for their tomorrow.

Simply choose your monthly contributions and your child’s age to calculate how much your child could get when they turn 18.

The figures are a guide only, and we can't guarantee them. They're not a reliable indication of future performance. The amount your child gets back depends on how the investment grows. Stocks and shares can fall as well as rise so the child could get back less than has been paid in. Also, the cost of living generally increases so the final amount may not buy as much in the future as it could now.

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  • £50

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Amount your child could receive at age 18


    2% annual growth


      5% annual growth


        8% annual growth

        Things to keep in mind when using our Junior ISA calculator

        These results assume amounts for low (2%), mid (5%) and high (8%) annual growth levels. These figures include a deduction of annual management charges of 1.5% and assumes the intended investment amount is maintained until age 18. Calculations are not exact and these charges may vary in the future.

        If you open a OneFamily Junior ISA, we'll send you statements four times a year to show you how your child's account is coming along.

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