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Managing your personal finances

There's always more we could all do to improve our financial wellness, but it can be hard to know what to prioritise. We've pulled together some food for thought to help you decide what's right for you.

Liz Truss

How will Liz Truss’ cost-of-living promises affect families?

Our new prime minister, Liz Truss, has promised to “transform Britain into an aspiration nation”. What does this mean for working families?

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Money being put into a piggy bank with the word "funeral" written on it

How to plan for your funeral

While it may feel morbid to plan your own funeral, especially at the early age of 50, it’s an act of kindness for your loved ones.

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Financial wellness tips from the OneFamily team

To help you get started with some easy ways to improve your financial wellness, we asked OneFamily staff to share their tips on saving.

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Dozens of lightbulbs hung from a ceiling, of varying lengths.

Simple ways to make your life greener

Living a greener life doesn’t mean making huge changes to your lifestyle…

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