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Our vision

Our Inspiring Better Futures vision underpins our commitment to doing the right thing at every level for our members and customers, colleagues and communities.

Our focus is on long-term sustainability, so we can continue to be relevant and impactful.

We're proud to have awarded over £4.75 million in funding since 2015, supporting over 390 fantastic causes and improving the lives of over 3,200 people through our individual grants.*

*Figures correct as at 31 December 2021.

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Members and customers

Building financial wellbeing through the provision of accessible and affordable products and services to help protect and save for the future


Supporting our collagues' development and growth, and building their financial resilience


Creating a better future through supporting education and financial inclusion for all

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We're focused on 3 key areas to support our Inspiring Better Futures vision:

  1. Financial wellbeing – Providing support and advice to those in financial hardship, supporting employment opportunities and championing good savings habits
  2. Access to education and training – Providing support, training and advice to help people develop their skills and unlock their potential
  3. Improving life chances – Helping people from disadvantaged backgrounds to escape or avoid poverty through providing support, advocacy and funding

*Video figures correct as at 31 December 2021.

Inspiring Better Futures

We’ve built Inspiring Better Futures into the heart of what we do, and we believe in running our business the right way for our members, colleagues and communities.

Our vision remains true to our mutual purpose of creating and protecting value for our members.

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Inspiring Better Futures

We are owned by and for our members so we can reinvest our profits for their benefit rather than paying shareholders.

Our inspiring better futures vision underpins our commitment to doing the right thing at every level for our customers, colleagues and communities.

We're focused on three key areas:
Fostering financial well-being, supporting access to education and training and improving life chances.

As a member-owned organisation, what we do should have a positive impact.
This is why we've donated funding of over 4.75 million to our members and communities since 2015.

Over 390 fantastic causes have benefited from our support, including homeless charities, food banks, schools, and many more. We've also improved the lives of over
3,200 people through our individual grants.

We aim to provide our members with long-term value through our products services and member benefits. From supporting our customers who need
it most, to promoting financial inclusion through our products with low minimum
investment levels.

We believe that investing should be accessible to all types of savers, education is a key foundation to unlocking future opportunities, so we award young persons education grants to help towards the essential costs of learning.

And donate laptops to local schools and community groups to support education
and provide online access.

We have a long history of playing an active role in our communities, providing mentoring and apprenticeships creating opportunities for people to develop their skills and more.

In 2021 we created new partnerships with charities whose aim is to support people, from all walks of life, to reach their full potential.

We're providing each charity with financial assistance advice and hands-on support
and we've increased our paid volunteering days from one to three per year, giving our colleagues even more opportunities to make a difference.

We're committed to their well-being and development, actively encouraging them to be themselves; from promoting our diversity and inclusion strategy to working together to support Brighton & Hove pride each year. Ensuring our colleagues feel supported and listened to means they can do their best by our members.

We're all individuals and we share the same planets, so where you decide to
invest could affect us all, now and in the future.

At OneFamily we're committed to helping you find a home for your money that's sustainable for everyone. How?

By developing products that help build a better world, investing in things like climate-friendly funds, which are more ethically and sustainably focused.

And with over 45 years of experience, we're experts in family investments. We like to remember that we're part of a much bigger family, which includes you!
OneFamily we're better together.

Inspiring Better Futures

Supporting our members and customers

Our aim is to provide our members with long-term value through our products, services and member benefits.

We believe that access to education is key to unlocking future opportunities. So we offer our customers the opportunity to apply for a Young Person's Education Grant for someone aged 15-19, to help with essential costs such as technology, travel and equipment.

In 2021 we awarded £110,000 to 229 young people to help with laptops, travel expenses, uniforms and much more.

Find out more here.

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Protecting the environment

We care about the people and environment around us, and we’re committed to playing our part to reduce our carbon footprint and preventing climate change. We do this in a number of ways:

Reducing waste

Our office policy is that no waste goes to landfill, and we’re focused on waste reduction at every opportunity

Energy saving initiatives

This includes our cycle-to-work scheme, motion sensor lighting and purchasing items that are made from recycled materials

Renewable energy

We have committed to source 100% of our electricity from renewable sources by 2030


We launched our new climate-friendly investment funds in 2020, investing in companies who are working towards tackling climate change

Find out more about our climate-friendly investment funds here.

Inspiring Better Futures report

Find out more about our vision and plans for the future by downloading our free report.

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