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Inspiring Better Futures

At OneFamily we’re committed to doing the right thing at every level, sustainably and responsibly, and with a particular focus on preventing climate change.

Read more about what we’re doing to support our members and their communities in our brand new report here

OneFamily Together

We’re all about creating better futures for modern families. As a customer-owned business, we take a wide view about who should benefit from what we do. That means we believe we have a big role to play. That what we do should have a positive impact on our workplaces, our communities, the industry we work in and the wider world.

The OneFamily way

We call the way we approach our business Inspiring Better Futures and we’re on a journey to make it part of everything we do. From top to bottom.

It’s why in our offices we’re doing the little things we should all do:


Reducing single-use plastics

Saving energy

Encouraging sustainable transport to work

And it’s why we plant a tree for every five sign ups to paperless online account management, match fundraising and provide paid staff days to encourage volunteering in our communities too. Our employees have been actively engaged with local initiatives from Age UK, Chestnut Tree House and the RSPCA.

Inspiring Better Futures

We've built this into the heart of what we do as a company, investing your money for a better tomorrow. We believe in running our business the right way for our customers and their communities.

*Figures correct as of December 2019.

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Inspiring Better Futures

We're all individuals, but we all share the same planet, so where you decide to invest could affect all of us now and in the future.

At OneFamily we're committed to helping you find a home for your money that's sustainable for everyone, by ensuring our products responsibly contribute towards building a better world for all of us.

How? By investing in funds that are more ethically and sustainably focused. We also provide support to our members and their communities from our Foundation – donating over three million pounds to good causes since 2015, helping over 200 local causes, from family support groups to sustainable energy charities.

So far we've had a positive impact on the lives of over 375,000 people at OneFamily that's part of our culture, whether it's championing diversity, putting profits back into the businesses to deliver better value for our members rather than shareholders, tree planting, or volunteering in the local community.

And as experts in family investment, we try not to forget that we're part of a bigger family which includes you.

OneFamily, we're better together.

An investment in all our futures

We’re changing the way we make investments on your behalf. For example, if you take out a Lifetime ISA or if you have a Child Trust Fund that matures with us and take out an ISA you’ll be able to invest in our Global Equities 100 or Global Mixed 35 Funds. These have been specially created to allow you to choose how much of your money you want to use to influence change for good.

We have rigorous criteria that we apply when it comes to selecting companies for these funds. It’s not just a matter of excluding those involved in activities such as arms manufacture or hydrocarbon production. It’s about finding companies that are committed to a sustainable, ethical and environmentally-focussed future, that are adapting to change, are run well and crucially will deliver the financial return you need too.

We want to encourage companies that not only do good, but do good for your money too.

Our aim over the coming years is introduce even more funds like these into the products we offer you to give all our customers the opportunity to invest in what we believe is the right way.

An investment in our communities

Because OneFamily has always been owned by our customers, we’re able to re-invest our profits not only back into the business, but in other areas too. We do this through the OneFamily Foundation.

It’s been developed to benefit our customers and their communities, helping the people and places that matter to them.

For example, in 2020 the Foundation has been able to provide grants to customers who have had their lives impacted by coronavirus.

And since 2015 we've:

Awarded over £4.0m to our customers and their communities

Helped over 350 charities and community groups

Improved the lives of over 3,000 people through our individual grants

The Foundation currently awards Young Person's Education Grants of up to £500 to help young people take control of their futures, as well as Community Grants to support local causes.

You can find out more about The Foundation here.

An investment in our employees’ futures

For us, Inspiring Better Futures starts at home. Before we make decisions about investing in the right kind of companies, we have to make sure that we’re setting the right example too. So we look at what we’re doing first.

As part of this process, we benchmark ourselves against the best employers and implement improvements based on how we compare. Whether that’s enhancing our recycling capability or implementing new software to improve the way our teams communicate, we’re constantly looking for better ways of working.

We also make sure that the people who work at OneFamily find themselves in a supportive, encouraging environment that allows them to flourish and achieve their ambitions.

And importantly, it begins before they even join, with our diversity and inclusivity recruitment policy that ensures OneFamily reflects the society we all live in.

What Inspiring Better Futures means

  • A commitment to a shared global future based on sustainability and equality
  • Continued and growing investment in companies that share our values
  • Help for our customers, communities and charities through our Foundation
  • Creating a progressive, inclusive and diverse work environment at OneFamily