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Register to manage your, or your child's, OneFamily Child Trust Fund

To see your OneFamily Child Trust Fund, you need to register for an online account.

You must be at least 16 years old to manage your own Child Trust Fund.

Until then, your parents can register for their own online account which will show them your child trust fund. But as soon as you reach 16, you can register and take over.

You'll be able to access the money in your Child Trust Fund through your online account once you turn 18.

Your options when you turn 18

On your 18th birthday, you’ll have complete control over what you do with the money in your Child Trust Fund.

Once you’ve decided your next move, you’ll be able to log into your account and get started. Don’t panic if you’re not sure, you can leave your money invested while you decide – there’s no rush.


The here-and-now option

Take all your money out now to spend how you like


The happy medium option

Keep some money invested but take some out to spend now


The future planning option

Resist temptation and invest all your money for a future goal

Frequently asked questions about OneFamily Child Trust Funds

When you turn 18. This is when your Child Trust Fund “matures”, which means the money becomes available.

It’s not possible to withdraw any money from your Child Trust Fund before you turn 18.

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What are child trust funds?

Child trust funds are saving or investment accounts for children. Most UK citizens born between 1 September 2002 and 2 January 2011 were given a child trust fund investment voucher by the UK government – worth between £50 and £750 (depending on your circumstances and date of birth).

Parents were asked to open a child trust fund with the voucher, but if they didn’t get around to doing so, the government invested the voucher on the child’s behalf. That’s why many people don’t know they have a child trust fund.

The money can only ever be accessed by the child the account was opened for and only when they turn 18.

You can’t open a new child trust fund anymore, but you can open a junior ISA.

Find out if you have a child trust fund

Campaign for better access to Child Trust Funds for children who lack mental capacity

Not only have we changed our own approach so that families don’t need to go through a lengthy and costly process, we’re also lobbying the UK government.

We’re asking Westminster to make this simplified process the norm for the estimated 200,000 children who don’t have mental capacity to access their CTF.

Read the latest campaign update