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Fund Information

Find the latest fund pricesinterest rates and information on how our funds are invested.

Daily prices

Unit or share prices for our funds. We'll also tell you how to work out the current value of your account using the price and the number of units or shares you hold.

Weekly prices

Life and With Profits Fund prices. Life Funds and With Profits Sub Fund are priced at the close of business on a Wednesday each week.

Fund factsheets

Fund factsheets are available for most of our funds. Use them to find out how a fund is currently invested and to learn about its past performance.

Cash interest rates

Current interest rates for Cash Child Trust Fund accounts.

Our use of derivatives

Information about how we use derivatives, including the potential risks. The Family Investments Child Trust Fund, Family Asset Trust, Family Charities Ethical Trust and Family Balanced International Fund may use derivatives.

With Profits Fund

View the performance of the OneFamily (EM) With Profits Fund and the OneFamily (ELL) With Profits Fund.

Former Engage Mutual Customers

Fund and pricing information for the former Engage mutual life funds.

Investor information

Key Investor Information Documents or Key Information Documents are available for most of our funds. View them to find out more about investment objectives, risks, charges and performance.

Fund performance

Information on how each fund is performing.