Supporting our communities

Supporting our communities has been a key focus of ours for many years. We’ve taken this to a new level by creating meaningful, long-term partnerships with charities who are working within our focus areas of enabling access to education, improving life chances, and building financial wellbeing.

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Our National Charity Partner


RedSTART gives children from disadvantaged and under-served communities a leg-up. The charity uses play-based learning to equip young people with real life skills to help them understand how money works and how to avoid debt traps.

RedSTART works with children aged four and up - reaching them at a time in their lives when real change begins, and habits are formed. The charity works closely with over 17,500 children across over 40 schools in five regions, helping to teach them the basic knowledge of money they’ll need in the future.

By focusing on disadvantaged areas, the charity helps improve social mobility by levelling the playing field.

RedSTART's ultimate goal is that its approach becomes the blueprint for widespread change across all primary schools in the UK.

Why we’re focusing on financial wellbeing

It can be difficult to manage your finances without a clear understanding of how money works.

We believe that access to financial education and support is key to financial wellbeing, and a fundamental right for everyone.

So we’ve partnered with a charity that shares this belief. Our customers had their say on the charity we partnered with, selecting RedSTART via a vote in June 2022.

We’ll be working closely with RedSTART to provide support with the work they’re doing to make financial education available to more people.

Meet some of our charity partners

We formed these partnerships in 2021 to allow us to award much needed funding, as well as providing opportunities to give hands-on support through employee volunteering, mentoring, supporting projects and more.

A logo for Spear Brighton

Spear Brighton Trust

Who they are

Spear Brighton Trust inspire and help unemployed young people overcome disadvantage by focusing on the key issues that help them to succeed in work: attitude, confidence, and qualification.

Their impact

Their award-winning Spear Programme helps 16–24-year-olds overcome the challenges they’re facing to find and succeed in sustainable employment. Their vision is to transform the lives of up to 90 young people facing barriers to employment in and around Brighton each year, giving them the support, skills and confidence they need to get into work or re-enter education and begin to build a future filled with hope.

Our Partnership

The Spear Programme unlocks the innate talent and potential of young people, igniting in them ‘a vision of the possible’ with the support of local partners. As well as helping them with valuable funding, OneFamily aim to make a direct, tangible impact through sharing our skills, networks and experience.

A Logo for Team Domenica stating that they're removing the barriers to work for people with learning disabilities

Team Domenica

Who they are

Team Domenica is a social enterprise charity. Their mission is to help people with learning disabilities discover their career potential, to create employment opportunities and remove barriers to work in local communities.

Their impact

An incredible 76% of their young people gain employment through their supported employment programme and 90% retain their position (compared to just 20% across the UK). This is because they stay with their young people for life - providing ongoing support and hope for the future.

Our Partnership

Team Domenica rely on the support of the community to provide their extensive and highly individualised programme across Sussex; including classroom education, training in their cafes and coffee roastery, enrichment activities in the community, supported work experience and internships, tailored job opportunities and wellbeing support.

OneFamily will work with Team Domenica to help raise their profile in the community and provide valuable funding to help support their employment centre, which provides additional work experience, internships and employment opportunities.

A logo for the Clock Tower Sanctuary stating that they support young homeless people in Brighton & Hove.

The Clock Tower Sanctuary

Who they are

The Clock Tower Sanctuary work with young homeless people to give them space, support & stability. They provide a space for homeless 16-to-25-year olds where they can feel safe and 'just be', whilst also getting access to services and support.

Their impact

Brighton & Hove has the fourth highest number of homeless people outside of London. The Clock Tower Sanctuary is the city’s only day centre for 16-25-year-olds who are homeless, or insecurely housed. They provide a safe, supportive place, where people can find a hot meal, showers, laundry facilities, clean clothing, food parcels, life skills classes and one-to-one case-working.

Our Partnership

Having a safe, stable place to live is the foundation to increasing a young adult’s life chances. However, the transition out of homelessness can be difficult for their clients who have frequently experienced chaotic childhoods and lack role models to show them how to manage living independently. OneFamily are supporting the ‘Towards Stability’ project, which is designed for clients who are ready to move into housing and are looking to find work or training and take steps towards a more secure life.

A logo for Citizens Online

Citizens Online

Who they are

Citizens Online is passionate about digital skills and access. They work towards an inclusive society where everyone can benefit from digital connections by assisting people and organisations to get online and learn digital skills. Citizens Online’s work is all about ensuring the benefits of the internet and digital technologies are available to everyone.

Their impact

It’s estimated that 7.8% of UK adults (4. 2M people)* have either never used the internet, or last used it over 3 months ago and 21% of UK adults (11M people) do not have the Essential Digital Skills needed for day-to-day life.**

Digitally-excluded people can lack skills, confidence and motivation, along with having limited or no access to equipment and connectivity. This can create additional layers of social exclusion and exacerbate social and economic problems. With support to get online, people can have better job prospects, manage their health and wellbeing more easily, stay connected and reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Our Partnership

Money received from OneFamily’s recycled IT equipment is used to support Citizens Online with coordination and delivery of their Digital Champion programme and telephone helpline in the Brighton and Hove area. The Digital Champion programme helps users increase their skills and confidence online by building new skills in anything from using online banking safely and using comparison websites to find the best deal, to helping a learner to reconnect with their family.

*ONS (2020) Internet Users, UK
**Lloyds Bank (2021) Essential Digital Skills Report

Other great causes we've supported

We have a long history of supporting our members and communities, and we're proud to have supported more than 390 good causes since 2015*

Here are a few of the causes we’ve supported.

*Figures correct as at 31 December 2021


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