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About the OneFamily Junior ISA

What is the OneFamily Junior ISA?

The OneFamily Junior ISA is an investment account for children which offers tax-free growth potential, helping you to save for their future. Your child can access the money when they turn 18. Read our FAQs

How much can I invest?

Start investing from as little as £10 a month, up to a maximum of £9,000 in the current tax year. Tax rules may change in the future

Why stocks and shares?

Our Junior ISA invests in stocks & shares so it has good potential to grow over the long term. In fact, in every 18 year period over the last 50 years, stocks and shares have grown more than cash accounts (where money is protected)*. Investments can go down as well as up so your child may get back less than has been put in

*Barclays Equity Gilt Study March 2020. Average annual real rate of return based on Barclays indices.

Helping you save more

Anyone can pay in to a Junior ISA, meaning family and friends can help you to invest more for your child's future. You can keep an eye on how things are doing by logging in to the account at any time

Try our Junior ISA calculator

Use our quick calculator to see how much your investment could grow by

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Why invest with OneFamily

We're trusted by over 2 million customers and look after over £7 billion worth of families money. As we're owned by our customers, our profits go back into our business, products and the communities we support

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How to open a Junior ISA

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    Choose a fund

    Discover how each fund works and choose the right one for you

  • 2

    Apply online

    Our simple application process shouldn't take longer than 10 minutes

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    Set up a Direct Debit

    Save at a rate that suits you and your budget

  • 4

    Ask family and friends to help

    Family and friends can also pay into the

Find out how much you could help your child save

Simply choose your monthly contributions and your child's age to calculate how much your child could get when they turn 18.

The figures are a guide only, and we can't guarantee them. They're not a reliable indication of future performance. The amount your child gets back depends on how the investment grows. Stocks and shares can fall as well as rise so the child could get back less than has been paid in. Also, the cost of living generally increases so the final amount may not buy as much in the future as it could now.

Slide to the amount per month you intend to invest

  • £50

Slide to the current age of your child


Amount your child could receive at age 18


    2% annual growth


      5% annual growth


        8% annual growth

        Things to keep in mind when using our Junior ISA calculator

        These results assume amounts for low (2%), mid (5%) and high (8%) annual growth level. These figures include a deduction of annual management charges of 1.5% and assumes the intended investment amount is maintained until age 18. Calculations are not exact and these charges may vary in the future. If you open a OneFamily Junior ISA, we'll send you statements four times a year to show how your child's account is coming along.

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        Before you invest...

        1. As our Junior ISA invests in stocks & shares it is important to be aware that the value can go up and down meaning your child may get back less than has been paid in
        2. The Junior ISA limit in the current tax year is £9,000. Tax rules will depend on individual circumstances and may change in future
        3. It is important to remember the Junior ISA belongs to the child. Only they can access the funds and only when they turn 18

        Which fund would you like to choose?

        Family Balanced International Fund

        Invests in international companies as well as those based in the UK.

        If you prefer a broader range of investments, this could be the right choice for you.

        • Invests in a combination of international stocks and shares, UK Gilts, Corporate Bonds and Cash
        • The inclusion of fixed interest assets in this fund

        To fully understand this product, please read

        Important Information booklet

        Key Information Document

        For further fund information please click here

        Select and apply

        Family Charities Ethical Trust Fund

        Invests in companies actively working towards environmental sustainability.

        If you want to invest in companies actively working towards environmental sustainability, this could be the one for you.

        • Invests mainly in the top 50 companies listed on a selected ethical index
        • Only buys shares in companies with a responsible outlook on social, ethical and environmental issues

        To fully understand this product, please read

        Important Information booklet

        Key Investor Information document

        For further fund information please click here

        Select and apply

        Open a Junior ISA by post

        If you'd like to apply by post please choose a fund and request an application pack

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        You can transfer Junior ISAs and Child Trust Funds held with other providers to our Junior ISA