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Blogs from OneFamily's Leadership team

Read thought-provoking blogs from the senior team at OneFamily. We discuss the issues that affect your personal finances, your rights and what we're doing to positively impact our communities.

Family smiling for the camera with a beagle dog

Breaking down the barriers to financial inclusion

OneFamily has acquired Beagle Street – a company that specialises in low cost, simple to purchase life and critical illness insurance.

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Boldness, creativity and a mutual mindset – the driving force that’s needed right now

Mutuals were the original crowd-funders – helping members provide for the future, regardless of their financial position.

AI – How can it help our customers?

OneFamily CEO, Jim Islam, explains how the company is leveraging AI technology to both support colleagues and better serve customers.

Doing right by our global family

Mutuals were the original crowd-funders, enabling working people to put money aside and build their financial resilience.

Being invested in our team – what I learnt

Money is not the only motivator – speaking to employees’ values is what really matters, argues Head of People Services, Alison Knocker.

A healthy risk culture: the key to company sustainability

Dominic Valente, Interim Chief Risk Officer at OneFamily, explains about risk culture and points out that a company’s future depends on it.

Volunteering – a little drop of compassion goes a long way

OneFamily CEO, Jim Islam, is explains why he holds RNLI is such high regard and why every OneFamily colleague is given volunteering leave.

Closing the young savers gap that’s stifling dreams

As the new CEO of OneFamily, I see my role as an opportunity to lift people up and inspire their potential, to empower them and to enable social mobility.

Family smiling for the camera with a beagle dog

Threadbare safety nets mean better protection products are needed for families

It’s one year since recognisable insurance brand, Beagle Street, came under the wing of financial mutual, OneFamily Group.

Look up and out at what’s going on around you

October is Black History Month, an opportunity to highlight and celebrate the invaluable contributions of Black people to British society.