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How to find your child trust fund

It’s estimated that around £394 million is sitting in unclaimed matured child trust funds. Here’s how to find out if you have a forgotten child trust fund.

If you were born in the UK between 1 September 2002 and 2 January 2011 then it’s very likely that you have a child trust fund in your name.

We look after around a quarter of all child trust funds, including some that were originally managed by other providers, so there’s a good chance your child trust fund is with us.

Use our search tool below to find out.

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Find your unclaimed child trust fund

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OneFamily Child Trust Funds

If you already know that your child trust fund is with us, simply register or log in to manage it. Your parent or legal guardian will need to create an online account if you're not yet 16 but only you will ever be able to withdraw any money.

What are child trust funds?

Child trust funds are a type of savings account that were given to UK residents born in the UK between 1 September 2002 and 2 January 2011.

If you were born between those dates, the UK government will have given you a child trust fund voucher worth between £50 and £750 for your parents or legal guardians to use to open an account. They were designed to kick-start good saving habits and help parents give their children a head-start as they enter adulthood.

You can put up to £9,000 a year into a child trust fund.

Only the child the child trust fund was intended for will ever be able to withdraw any money from the account, and only after they reach 18.

You can’t open a child trust fund anymore as the scheme has ended, but you can now open a junior ISA instead. The government doesn’t contribute to most junior ISAs.

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Why has the value of my child trust fund changed?

The value of your investment can change over time so you may end up with more or less than you expected.

How to access your child trust fund

From the age of 16, you’ll be able to create an account and see how your child trust fund is getting on.

Should you save or invest for the future?

When you turn 18, you'll be able to choose what to do with the money in your Child Trust Fund.

Your choices when you reach 18

Used wisely, your child trust fund money could help you achieve your goals. Have you decided your next move?