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How to find your National Insurance number

Your National Insurance number is a number given to you by the UK government to keep track of your tax record and benefit entitlements.

You need it to take ownership of your Child Trust Fund.

When did I receive my National Insurance number?

You should have been sent your National Insurance number by HM Revenue and Customs shortly before your 16th birthday.

So if you can’t find your National Insurance number, what can you do?

Find it on payslips or letters about tax

If you’ve worked you can find your National Insurance number on payslips or letters from HM Revenue and Customs about tax.


If you have signed up for a personal tax account you can login and check your National Insurance number.

If you don’t have a Personal tax account, you can sign up for one there too.

By post

Get your National Insurance number sent to you through the post by completing this form.

You will need to provide copies of documents proving your identity including birth certificate, passport, provisional driving licence and adoption certificate, where relevant.

By phone

If you can’t fill out the form, or if you never received confirmation of your National Insurance number in the post, you can call the National Insurance number helpline:

If you’re in the UK call 0300 200 3500

If you’re outside the UK call +44 191 203 7010

Lines are open Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm and Saturday 8am to 4pm.

There’s also a Textphone service available on 0300 200 3519, and a chat service available .

You won’t be able to find out your National Insurance number over the phone or on live chat, but you can receive written confirmation by post.

What next?

Once you’ve got your National Insurance number you can register your ownership of the CTF account.

More information

Find more information about National Insurance numbers, including how to apply for one (for 20+ years of age), on