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Read thought-provoking blogs from the senior team at OneFamily. We discuss the issues that affect your personal finances, your rights and what we're doing to positively impact our communities.

Brighton and Hove Pride parade

Crowd out bigotry with fabulousness and joy

After a long two years of waiting, Brighton & Hove finally got to celebrate Pride in all its sparkliest and most fabulous of costumes.

Inspiring better futures for the next generation

People are struggling, and it looks like it is the youngest generation who are going to feel the consequences for years to come.


Under 40s choosing between marriage, home and children

Recent research by OneFamily found that more than two thirds of under 40s are choosing between marriage, buying a home and having children.

Aerial view of Liverpool buildings

Boldness, creativity and a mutual mindset – the driving force that’s needed right now

Mutuals were the original crowd-funders – helping members provide for the future, regardless of their financial position.

Investment advice could help financial inclusion

I’ve spoken before about fairness and financial inclusion; how smaller savers are disadvantaged by complex investment products

A father and son sit at a table while looking at a tablet, laughing together.

Hope for families whose children have mental incapacity

There’s some hope for the families of young adults who do not have the mental capacity to manage their financial affairs in the form of a Government consultation that has recently been launched.

Two hands holding up a bright candle at night.

Taking care of our global family

Now’s the time to focus our efforts wider, on our global family and the planet we call home…

Financial inclusion – simple products and education

Financial inclusion – simple products and education In my previous article, I asked the question “why don’t smaller […]

Why don’t smaller savers invest their money?

Why is it that the majority of the UK population still holds its savings in accounts that are devaluing their balances by the day?

Pride is an ongoing process

Pride is an ongoing process Although we’re now officially past Pride month, it’s not the case in Brighton […]