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What is Equity Release?

Your home is your sanctuary, your security and where you enjoy spending time with your family and friends. It’s also what you’ll have spent most of your working life paying for, which means it’s probably your biggest financial asset., why not make your home work for you?

Are you considering freeing up some cash from your home, but you don’t feel ready to part with your family home? Depending on your circumstances, a Lifetime Mortgage could be an option to consider.

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How much money could I release?

Our free calculator will give you an idea of how much you could release. The maximum amount primarily depends on your age, the value of your home and the equity available to release.

You might be surprised
at how much has been borrowed...

This map shows the average amount homeowners had available to release by region.

*Key customer data Jan - Dec 2017, taking into account average property value

A map of the United Kingdom, highlighting the average amount homeowners had avaialble to release by region

Equity release calculator

Use the calculator to check out how much you'd be able to release with a lifetime mortgage... and start thinking about what you could do with the cash!


Maximum loan amount:

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Important: The loan amounts above are an illustration of the amount you could borrow. The actual amount may wary depending on your individual circumstances. The figures are not guaranteed and do not constitute an offer to lend. The loan amount will need to pay off any existing mortgage secured against the same property.

Did you know?

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We charge a simple fixed fee of £500 for our advice, no matter the size of the loan.

Other providers often charge a percentage of the loan, meaning it's not always obvious how much you'll end up paying.

For example, for a loan of £75,000 with another provider, and an advice fee of 2%, you'd end up paying £1,500. With OneFamily Advice, you only pay £500 - simple, straightforward and easy to budget for.

Have a question?

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Spend the money however you'd like...

Whether you're planning a far off voyage, paying off debts, or simply to enjoy a better quality of life during retirement, and experience life’s little luxuries without having to worry about the cost, how you choose to spend the cash you release from your home is entirely up to you.

Here are some of the ways people spend the cash they release from their homes.

Gif illustration highlighting that 63% of equity release is taken out for home and/or garden improvements
Gif illustration highlighting that 54% of equity release is taken out for paying off debts or clearing a mortgage
Gif illustration highlighting that 33% of equity release is taken out to pay for holidays

*Key Retirement - Market Monitor Half Year (July 2018)

How does a Lifetime Mortgage work?

One of the most popular methods of releasing equity from your property, a Lifetime Mortgage is a loan secured against your property and is available to UK homeowners aged 55 and older. You can continue to own and live in your home, release some of its value as cash, and repay it by the sale of your home when you go into long-term care or die. The loan is usually repaid from the proceeds of the sale of your property.

The no negative equity guarantee will also give you peace of mind. It ensures that your estate will never have to pay back more than the amount that is received from the sale of your home, as long as the terms and conditions of the mortgage are being met.

A Lifetime Mortgage will, however, reduce the value of your estate and it may affect your entitlement to means tested state benefits.

Am I eligible for a Lifetime Mortgage?

These are some of the things you may consider when looking into taking out a lifetime mortgage:

  • I am aged over 55 or over
  • I live in my own home with small or no mortgage
  • I want to borrow a minimum of £10,000
  • I live in England, Wales or mainland Scotland
  • My house is worth a minimum of £70,000

Find out more by viewing our Frequently Asked Questions.

About OneFamily Advice

Releasing money from your home is a big decision. Because of this, Lifetime Mortgages can only be taken out through a specialist regulated adviser, who can make sure you clearly understand every stage of the process, how each product works, and how they could impact the financial future of you and your family.

OneFamily Advice is our Lifetime Mortgage advice service. We offer whole-of-market advice, get to know you and your personal circumstances, help you to make an informed decision and guide you through all your options. If a Lifetime Mortgage is right for you, we then support you and your family throughout the process of releasing money from your home.

Free e-guide

Want to learn more about OneFamily Advice and lifetime mortgages? Download our free e-guide by entering your name and email address below, then we'll send it directly to you. If you have any questions, please contact the OneFamily Advice Service on 0800 144 8244* - the initial consultation is free.

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Why choose OneFamily Advice?

Here are some of the benefits you’d get from choosing OneFamily Advice…

Impartial, expert advice

Our OneFamily advisers are qualified, experienced, and salaried - not working on commission.

Simple advice fee

We charge a simple fixed fee of £500 for our advice, no matter the size of the loan. Other providers often charge a percentage of the loan, meaning it's not always obvious how much you'll end up paying. And as the loan increases - so does their fee - even though the advice process remains the same

Whole-of-market options

We offer impartial, whole-of-market advice service to find the best plan for you, including from those listed below.

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