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Who can transfer?

To be able to transfer to a OneFamily Junior ISA, your child needs to:

  • Be under 16 years of age
  • Be a UK resident
  • Have at least £100 in their current child trust fund/junior ISA

You can transfer:

  • A OneFamily Child Trust Fund
  • A child trust fund held with another provider
  • A junior ISA held with another provider

Ready to get started?

Your first step is to choose which of our two funds you'd like to invest in.

Why do people choose us?

Did you know 34% of our customers join us through recommendations from their friends and family members? *

With so many of our customers opening multiple products with us and recommending us to others, it's no wonder we're rated so highly on Trustpilot!

Either through our online help and support guides or by speaking to our friendly customer service representatives, we do our best to make sure all of our customers get the support they need, when they need it.

*Source: Point of sale survey of 156 customers between November 2023-May 2024

Simple choice of two funds with different risk profiles

UK based call centre with leading customer satisfaction scores

Low minimum monthly contribution of just £10

Five time award winning Junior ISA provider

How do I transfer to a OneFamily Junior ISA?

Simply fill out our transfer form to move a child trust fund or junior ISA to a OneFamily Junior ISA. It's easy and we don't charge for transfers.

If the account is with another provider, they might charge you to transfer out so make sure you check with them first.

Once the transfer's complete, you'll be able to make an online account to manage your child's OneFamily Junior ISA.

What you need

  • The estimated balance of your current junior ISA/child trust fund
  • The sort code/account number, or a reference/roll number for the account
  • An email address and mobile number
  • Access to a printer

    Fill out our transfer form

    1. Fill out your application online.
    2. Download and print the form.
    3. Sign the printed form.

    Post your form

    Post your completed form to us at:

    FREEPOST ONEFAMILY (this is the full address)


    16-17 West Street
    BN1 2RL

    And you're done!

    Choose which fund you'd like to invest your child's Junior ISA in

    Our Junior ISA gives you two fund options to choose from.

    Please read all the relevant documents linked below to understand how each fund is invested.

    As our Junior ISA invests in stocks and shares its value can go down as well as up, so your child could get less than was paid in.

    Transfer now

    Please send your completed form to:
    16-17 West Street
    BN1 2RL

    Frequently asked questions about transferring to a OneFamily Junior ISA

    Visit our Junior ISA product page for more information.

    If you're looking to learn more about junior ISAs in general and how they work, take a look at our junior ISA guides.

    Even more reasons to transfer

    Our Junior ISAs invests in stocks and shares. In every 10-year period since 2000, stocks and shares have out-grown interest rates*, but the value of your investments could go down as well as up, meaning your child could get back less than you've put in.

    We have over 45 years of experience as a trusted provider of financial products for children and adults, looking after over £5.5 billion for nearly 2 million customers.** If you transfer to us, you can have peace of mind that your money will be in experienced hands.

    On top of that, OneFamily is a mutual society. This means we don't have shareholders to pay dividends to, so instead we reinvest in our members and our communities.

    OneFamily members can also apply for a Young Person's Education Grant of up to £250, to help a young person between the ages of 15 and 19 cover the costs of education or training. You can apply for yourself or on behalf of someone else.

    *Source: Barclays GILT Study 2023
    **As at December 2022