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How much equity can I release from my home?

Equity release can be a useful way to fund retirement, pay off debt, support your family or make improvements to your home.

If you're a homeowner aged 55 or over, you may be able to release between 23% and 50% of the value of your home using equity release.

What factors impact how much equity I can release?

There are three main factors that determine how much equity you can release from your home.

The value of your home - Equity release providers will conduct a professional valuation of your home, which will help to determine how much equity you can release from it

The equity you have in your home - Your equity is your home’s value, less any debts you have secured against it. For example if you have a home valued at £200,000, and a £50,000 existing mortgage, your equity is £150,000

How long you'll be living in your home - Equity release providers need to estimate how long you will stay living in your home, which will be based on your age and - potentially - your health. If you make a joint application it will be calculated based on the age and health of the youngest applicant, as they are likely to be living in the property the longest

Lenders will also look at other factors when deciding how much equity you can release, including the type of property, its condition and its location.

If you want to find out more about how much money you could unlock from your home, our friendly advisers will be able to talk you through your options.

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What is the maximum amount of equity you can release from a property?

The maximum amount of equity you can release from a property depends on a number of factors including your age and various aspects of the property.

Below is an example to demonstrate how your age and the value of your property affect how much equity you can release with a lifetime mortgage. These figures are provided for illustration purposes only.

Your age
The value of your home 55 65 75 85
£100,000 £23,950 £36,550 £47,650 £52,015
£200,000 £47,900 £73,100 £95,300 £101,000
£300,000 £71,850 £109,650 £142,950 £151,500
£400,000 £95,800 £146,200 £190,600 £202,000
£500,000 £119,750 £182,750 £238,250 £252,500

These figures are provided to illustrate the relationship between age and the amount of equity you can release from your home. They are based on the maximum loan-to-values available on AIR sourcing on 11/03/2024. They are subject to criteria and underwriting. Additional amounts may be available via enhancements such as cashback or medical underwriting. If you are interested in equity release you should seek a personalised illustration from a qualified equity release adviser.

What can you use equity release for?

As well as considering how much equity you could release from your home, it's important to have a clear idea about what you'll use it for.

Many people use the money they release to pay off debts, help a family member to buy a home or to fund home improvements.

It’s also worth considering alternatives to equity release to access funds, such as downsizing, remortgaging or using your existing savings and investments.

What is the best way to release equity from my home?

Equity release is a big decision, and you must seek professional advice before going ahead with it.

An equity release adviser will talk through your circumstances an financial goals and provide a recommendation for the best way to release equity from your home as well as exploring other options available to you.

Will there be any money left for my family?

Equity release can affect the value of your estate and the money you can pass on to your loved ones when you die.

Lifetime mortgages come with a No Negative Equity Guarantee that ensures you will never owe more than your home is worth, and some allow you to make repayments against the loan or its interest.

Find out more in our article Equity release, inheritance tax and your estate


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