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We'll guide you through the lifetime mortgage process

Get to know the OneFamily Advice team. Our team is made up of professional, qualified and impartial specialists with over 400 years of financial services experience between them. Our advisers are salaried rather than working on commission, so only have your best interest at heart.

You’ll have your own friendly, professional adviser, who’s committed to delivering first-class whole-of-market lifetime mortgage advice. They’ll get to know you and your individual circumstances, check your eligibility and guide you through the lifetime mortgage process.

All our advisers are members of the Equity Release Council and they adhere to their strict code of conduct.


Meet the OneFamily Advice team

Our lifetime mortgage advisers are based around the UK. They have over 120 years of equity release experience between them and are industry qualified to answer all your questions. So, you can rest assured you are in good hands.

Anna Robinson – Senior Adviser

“As Senior Adviser of OneFamily Advice I am responsible for ensuring that we provide you with nothing but the very highest standards of lifetime mortgage advice. We'll explore all potential options available to you and guide you through the lifetime mortgage process.

I ensure that all our advisers have expert and up- to- date knowledge of all the products available on the market, enabling them to give you the best possible advice, tailored to your individual needs and objectives.”

James Kirkpatrick – Senior Adviser

“I understand lifetime mortgage advice is not one size fits all. I always take time to understand individual needs, tailoring my advice to suit each customer’s circumstances.

It’s a fantastic feeling when you can say you have personally helped a customer achieve their goals in later life. My aim is to find the correct financial solution for your personal situation and present it to you in a clear and honest way.”

Glyn Woodgates – Senior Manager

“As Senior Manager of OneFamily Advice I ensure we provide consistently high standards of lifetime mortgage advice, which is personalised and based on your individual circumstances, goals and objectives.

I am also responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the OneFamily Advice business and maintaining the high level of service standards that our customers have come to expect. Providing a supportive, straightforward and stress-free customer experience, from initial enquiry right through to completion and release of funds is what we pride ourselves on at OneFamily Advice.”

Derek Sung – Senior Adviser

“I am a firm believer in the importance of treating people the way I want to be treated and I carry this belief in my work ethos.
My aim is to fully understand your requirements and circumstances, to ensure I can provide the highest standard of service and help you to make an informed decision.

Whether you want to explore moving forward with equity release – or want to know more about it - I will be on hand to answer any questions you may have whilst you are in the comfort of your own home.”

Matthew Emmins
"Getting to know my clients and their needs, objectives and dreams is the cornerstone to building a relationship and enables me to give the best lifetime mortgage advice."

Alex Pedge
"I want to make a positive impact to my clients’ lives and help them achieve their financial dreams by tailoring my advice to suit each customer’s individual circumstances."

Andria Coppard-Geal
"Getting to know my clients, their future goals and aspirations is of paramount importance, and enables me to give the best lifetime mortgage advice."

Angela Harrison
"I can assist and help you understand all the aspects of equity release, how it works and the options available to you in clear and understandable terms."

Hugh Lewis
"I became a specialist in equity release so I could help make a positive difference to people looking to get the best from the retirement they have worked so hard for."

Callum Dyson
"The most important aspect of my role is answering questions to ensure that all my clients understand the options available to them and understand my advice at every step of the process."

Chris Bowles
"I aim to ensure my clients have all the information they need to make suitable and beneficial decisions and are confident that equity release is the right path to follow."

Katie Wilkinson
"I am passionate about providing you with simple, honest and straightforward lifetime mortgage advice that will put your mind at ease."

Muriel Melrose
"I take the time to listen to my customers so I can fully understand their circumstances and ensure they are completely confident that equity release is the right decision for them."

Joe Marchant
"I appreciate equity release is huge decision to make, therefore, I will be available to answer any questions you may have throughout the process."

Adam Davies
"Releasing equity from your family home can be a big decision and I’m here to ensure that equity release is right for you."

Sharon Perkins
"I always ensure my clients fully understand the process and help them decide if equity release is right for them and their families."

Nicola McLoughlin
"I have always been passionate about ensuring my customers find the process easy to follow and also understand which solution is right for them. I always strive to be the adviser I would want sat in front of my own family."

Jane Garforth
"I take enormous pride in the work I do, always doing what’s right for the customer. I find it rewarding seeing the positive effect releasing equity can have on people’s lives."

Joe Rosenfield
"I provide advice at a pace you feel comfortable with to ensure that you are comfortable with releasing equity from your home."

Guy Walker
"I pride myself on being open and honest when providing tailored advice to suit my clients’ circumstances. I am a firm believer in the importance of treating people how I would want to be treated and I carry this belief in my work ethos."

Anna Hartley
"I really enjoy getting to know my clients, answering their questions, addressing their concerns and doing all I can to have a positive effect on their lives and their finances."

Agnes Laryea
"I enjoy helping clients fulfil their retirement hopes and dreams and easing any financial worries so they can have a long and comfortable retirement."

Katie Pullen
"As your Adviser, I will listen to your needs and ask you about your circumstances both now and in the future so that I can find the best possible solution for you."

Adam Oakley
"I find it rewarding to help customers who are looking to enjoy their retirement and make a big difference to their lives by releasing equity in their property."

Andrew Jawnyj
"My sole aim is to guide you through the Equity Release process and ensure that you have the correct recommendation that meets your needs and requirements."

Matthew Wilkinson
"I understand that releasing hard earned equity from your home is a huge decision. My aim and my passion is to provide you with the most clear, fair and honest mortgage advice. I look to keep things as straightforward and simple as possible so that the journey through your options is stress free."



Hear what some of our customers have to say...

“We would highly recommend OneFamily. Our personal advisor was available, supportive, and informative at every turn.”

Joe & Helen

“Our experience of the process of applying for equity release made easy through great service by OneFamily.”

Peter M

But, don’t just take our word for it…

The Times Money Mentor (Jan 2021) rated OneFamily as one of the UK’s top five equity release providers, naming us as "Best for customer experience".

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