How to get in touch

We want to make sure that you can get hold of us easily all of our details can be found here »

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Making a payment

Whether you want to set up a monthly Direct Debit, or just make a one-off contribution, paying in to a child's Junior ISA or Child Trust Fund only takes a few minutes. Find out more »

Fund information
and performance

Find the latest fund prices, interest rates and information on our funds and how they are invested.

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Frequently asked

Find answers to questions about accounts or policies you hold with us. This includes downloads to relevant form, updating your details and paying in.

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How we handle complaints

Complaints give us the chance to address your issue and improve the service we provide to all of our members. Here you can find our report and procedures.

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Help us make things better for you and your family

As a mutual organisation, we’re owned by you, our members, so it’s essential that you have your say on how we can develop and improve our business. Your feedback can help in so many ways, shaping our products, processes and future direction.

Support when you need it

An independent expert can often make a big difference at a time of need. This is why we give our customers access to a range of support services from trusted providers. Find out about the support services available »

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Your Foundation

OneFamily is a member owned business, which means we don’t have shareholders’ dividends to pay, so we can decide how to reinvest our profits.

The Foundation is a way of working with our customers to redistribute these funds. It makes our mutual values meaningful by giving customers the opportunity to choose how our profits can be best used to make a difference to them and the people they care about. Whether this is a Community Award for a project that benefits their community or a Personal Grant to help make something better in their personal life. Find out more »

Making a life
cover claim

If you're withdrawing money or making a claim we'll try and make the process as simple and easy as possible.

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Returning lost

A service that tracks down recipients, no matter their location, with money considered lost or forgotten about.

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