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OneFamily asks Chancellor to help families to put more away for a rainy day

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OneFamily has sent an open letter to the Chancellor, George Osborne, asking him to consider three policy proposals to give incentives to families on low incomes to put more money aside to help them to deal with life’s financial challenges.

Ahead of this week’s Budget Statement, OneFamily wrote to the Chancellor suggesting three ways in which the Government could deliver on the commitment made by the Prime Minister in his speech on 11 January to build financial resilience amongst Britain’s poorest families.

OneFamily, the modern mutual, aims to support families during life’s pivotal moments.  In listening to their concerns, we have found that four out of five families across the UK provide each other with financial support and more than half of the population receive help from their parents at some point in their life.

Given that families are turning to each other more and more to plan for and manage life’s financial challenges, OneFamily asked the Government to look at three important policy proposals to implement its Help to Save proposal and to consider our ideas around a Generational Tax Allowance scheme.

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