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Family Friendly Hotspots 2013

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Bingham revealed as the best location to bring up a family.

  • Bingham (NG13), a market town in the borough of Nottinghamshire, has moved to the top of this year’s list
  • Locations in the Midlands and North of England have become more prominent as a result of more affordable housing relative to southern counties
  • Lancashire is home to three of this year’s leading postcodes – Longridge, Leyland and Kirkham

Family Investments third annual Family Friendly Hotspots Report.

Today, children’s savings provider Family Investments publishes its third annual Family Friendly Hotspots Report. This unrivalled picture of all 2,400 postcodes across England and Wales has been achieved by analysing 67 different data sets covering the main priorities for families when they are considering moving to a new area.

Based on this analysis, the unique study identifies the top 20 postcodes offering the best range of essential and desirable factors for the ideal family environment. The study investigated factors that cover the essentials of family living, including:

  • Ofsted Key Stage 2 school results
  • A new addition this year, Key Stage 4 results covering GCSE results
  • School inspection outcomes
  • Quantity and quality of Early Years care
  • Affordability of childcare
  • Local crime figures
  • Property affordability (based on average house prices and local salaries)

Alongside these critical elements, lifestyle factors were also considered, which combine together to create the perfect backdrop for a happy family life, these included:

  • Existing population of parents with young children
  • Parks and green spaces
  • Leisure centres
  • Zoos and farms
  • Parks with GreenFlag award
  • Museums, galleries and theatres

Bingham: top spot for families

The market town of Bingham is in the borough of Nottinghamshire, and has a population of 9,000 people. It lies nine miles east of Nottingham and is close to Newark-on-Trent and Grantham. The postcode is renowned for its excellent education, with four local schools, including three primary schools and a secondary comprehensive. The area scores highly in Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 4 results, with 77% of GCSE pupils achieving A* – C grades versus the national average of 43%.

The town is home to a large variety of clubs and social groups including a model railway club, folk club and archery club. In addition to a farmers’ market, the centre has a range of retail outlets, including a post office, pharmacy, and six local pubs. Equipped with sports amenities and a swimming pool, Bingham Leisure Centre is popular with residents, and its relatively rural setting means there’s quick access to the countryside. Bingham’s affordable house prices make it an attractive destination with an average two-bed property at £138,969 versus the national average of £173,632. The town has a rich history and dates back to before the Roman invasion, and Iron Age settlements have been found in the local area.

The top 20

1. Bingham, Nottinghamshire
2. Crowthorne, Berkshire
3. Winscombe, Somerset
4. Colyton, Devon
5. Oakham, Rutland
6. Wokingham, Berkshire
7. Poynton, Cheshire
8. Swanland, Yorkshire
9. Faringdon, Oxfordshire
10. Dunnington, Yorkshire
11. Longridge, Lancashire
12. Church Crookham, Hampshire 
13. Yarm, Yorkshire 
14. Woodley, Berkshire 
15. Shebbear, Devon 
16. Leyland, Lancashire 
17. Sedbergh, Yorkshire 
18. Kirkham, Lancashire 
19. Kesgrave, Suffolk 
20. Buckingham, Buckinghamshire

What makes a Hotspot?

Kate Moore, Head of Savings and Investments at Family Investments said:

“Bingham’s combination of affordable housing, low crime and excellent local schools make it a winning location for bringing up a family. It’s set in a relatively rural location but is a large enough town to have good amenities and the locals tell us there’s a strong community spirit.

“To help parents decide where they’d like to raise a family, we have developed an online tool that allows them to see how their current postcode scores. Every parent will have a different idea about what makes the ideal location to bring up their family but we have tried to be as comprehensive as possible in measuring a huge range of factors to come up with a list which reflects the attributes parents tell us are most important. To help parents decide where they’d like to raise a family, we have developed an online tool that allows them to see how their current postcode scores, compare different postcodes and also choose the factors that are most important to them in order to reveal ideal locations.

“One of the most noticeable trends in this year’s report was the increased number of locations in the Midlands and Northern England compared to last year. This largely reflects the shift in house price trends over the past year resulting in increased affordability of property outside of the South of England. Lancashire for example, scored well in this year’s report with three of the top 20 postcodes located in the county.”

The Hotspots Tool

An online tool has been designed to show families how their postcode performs in each of the key areas measured. It also enables them to identify their ideal location based on individual preferences such as house price range and the importance of good local schools.