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Why have I been charged for making a withdrawal?

We don't charge you for taking your money out of any of our products. However, there are two instances when it might look as though we have.

  • There are times when you'll need to pay the government a penalty charge to make a withdrawal because doing so goes against the rules of the account. For example, you'll be charged 25% on anything you take out of a Lifetime ISA if this is for something other than buying your first home or you've not yet turned 60.
  • If you invest in a stocks and shares product, it also might look like we've charged you if the fund value has changed from when you started your withdrawal to when the money was taken out of your account, which can take about a day.

If changes in the stock market cause the fund value to drop during this time period, the amount that's paid into your withdrawal account will be less than you expected. However, you might also find that you get more money than you expected due to an increase in fund value.