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Support with illness or disability

At OneFamily, we recognise that many customers benefit from support to overcome the impact of a physical or mental illness or a disability, including reduced mobility or dyslexia - even if the impact is only temporary.

We appreciate that these conditions can affect customers differently, so there are many ways we can help. For example, we can make changes to the way we communicate to make it easier to get in touch or access their money. So please do get in touch with us using the information below and we'll find the best way to support you.

If you're experiencing sight or hearing loss, please visit our dedicated page.


Here are some links that may be able to provide support


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How we can help teens access their Child Trust Fund money

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How to complete a Power of Attorney form

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More ways we can help

There may be more we can do to help you. Here are some links to find out what some of the ways we can help.

Money worries? 

Click here for help

Affected by sight or hearing loss? 

Click here for help

Living through a bereavement?

Click here for help

Help managing an account?

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