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Other ways to speak with us

At OneFamily, we understand that some of our customers find it hard to write to us or to speak to us on the phone, which can make it difficult for them to manage their account.

For example, customers who don't speak English, feel anxious speaking on the phone or are one of the 2.4 million adults in the UK who find reading difficult.

There are lots of ways we can help, but first we need to understand what support you need.

For example, you might prefer to only hear from us by phone or it might be easier for you if we send information to you in writing, either through the post or by email.

Please get in touch by clicking the button below, so we can work with you to find the best way to help you manage your account.

Elderly man talking on a mobile phone

Here are some links to charities that may be able to help you further

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Read Easy

A charity that helps adults improve their reading.

Visit Read Easy's website

Everyone Connected

An initiative by the Good Things Foundation to help more people access the internet.

Visit the Good Things Foundation website

More ways we can help

Want to nominate someone else to manage your account for you?

Find out how a third party can help

Affected by sight or hearing loss? 

Find out how we can make your account more accessible

Worried about money and the cost-of-living? 

Find out what support is available