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Support with illness or disability

At OneFamily, we recognise that some of our customers may need extra support to manage their account due to an illness or disability even if the impact is only temporary.

We appreciate that health conditions can affect customers differently, so there are many ways we can help.

For example, we can make changes to the way we communicate with you to make it easier to get in touch or to access your money.

Please contact us using the button below and we'll find the best way to support you.


Here are some links to information on financial support

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UK government: Financial help if you're disabled

Visit UK government website

Citizen's Advice: Check what benefits to claim if you’re sick or disabled

Visit Citizen's Advice website

More ways we can help

Worried about money and the cost-of-living? 

Find out what support is available

Affected by sight or hearing loss? 

Find out how we can make your account more accessible

Want to nominate someone else to manage your account for you?

Find out how a third party can help

Need to change how you manage your account?

Find out what options are available