Need someone to help you manage your account?

At OneFamily, we understand that some of our customers find phoning or writing to us challenging and that can make managing their account harder.

For example, some customers may find a telephone security check difficult, some don't have access to the internet and others may find talking to someone over the phone stressful.

If this is the case, a trusted family member or friend may be able to help you when you call us.

Please get in touch by clicking the button below so we can find the support that works for you.


Power of Attorney

If you would like to give someone Power of Attorney, meaning they'll be able to instruct us on your behalf in some circumstances, visit the UK government website to find out how to put this in place.

Here are some links to charities that may be able to support you further

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Dementia UK

Specialises in supporting families living with dementia.

Visit the site 


Age UK

A charity that offers support and guidance to older people in the uk.

Visit the site

More ways we can help

Affected by sight or hearing loss? 

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Worried about money and the cost-of-living? 

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Experiencing mental health concerns?

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