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I've been asked to prove my bank account

Keeping your money safe is our top priority. So, when you instruct us to send money to your bank account, we do occasionally ask for proof that the bank account is yours to make sure that we’re not sending your money to anyone else.

If you’ve been asked to send us some documents, we just need to see something that confirms your bank account.

We recommend that you send us copies of any documents as we can’t guarantee that we’re able to return the originals back to you.

Documents we accept

We need to see one of the following:

Account statement

Cheque (for security reasons, please cross through the front of the cheque)

Paying in slip

The document needs to show your name, sort code and account number.

Send the copies of the documents to:

CTF Maturity Team
16-17 West Street

We'll let you know as soon as we've received all the documents we need and have updated our records. Please note, we don’t return any photocopies unless you ask us to.

What do I do if my documents aren’t written in English?

We're happy to accept a document that isn't in English, but we will need to see a translation that’s been certified by a translation company. Photocopies of any translations must also be certified by the translation company.