The value of my withdrawal or re-investment is different from what I asked for…

It's perfectly normal for this to happen and it doesn’t mean something has gone wrong.

Why the difference?

We close accounts the working day after we are given an instruction. This means there has been time for the value of the account to change since the day you gave the instruction.

The way it can change varies dependant on the type of account you have:

Stocks and Shares

For stocks and shares accounts (account numbers starting 0 or C) it changes because the unit price that determines the value of the account has changed. An increase in unit price means that value will have gone up. A decrease in unit price will mean the value went down.

Cash CTF

If you have a cash CTF (account numbers starting K) then we will have added any additional interest earned since your 18th birthday to the account. This will have increased the value.

Made multiple Instructions?

If you have made multiple instructions (opened more than one product or made withdrawal and re-invested) then we prioritise where any change in value occurs. This means that in most circumstances the value of only one of your instructions will have changed.

Got a question?

If you would like more information on how we have calculated the values please send us a secure message.