How to vote for a Community Project

Below is a guide for you to follow yourself or circulate to your friends and family if you or they are having trouble with the voting process.

Go to the project page

If you know the URL of your project page you can visit it directly using the link you've been given.

Otherwise, go to to browse all projects or search for a specific one.

Click the vote button

This will be in the top right corner of the page.

If you're already registered and logged in, your vote will be added and the button will change colour.

If you're not logged into the Foundation, you'll be prompted to either log in or register - click the option that's relevant to you.

If you're registered, once you've logged in you'll be taken back to the project page and you can click the blue button to vote.

If you're not registered, go to the next step.
Once you've found the project you want to vote for, click on the project title or  picture to visit the page.

Register for the Foundation

Fill in your details, choose a password and answer the security question on the registration form.

Press 'submit' and wait for the activation email to come through to the email address you specified.

When you click the activation link in the email, your registration will be complete and you'll be taken back to the project page you started on.

Vote for your project

Once registered and logged in, click the blue 'vote' button again.

The vote count will increase and the button will change colour - this means your vote was successful and has gone through.

Remember, you can vote for as many projects as you want, but can only vote for each project once.