OneFamily Foundation Charity Fund

At OneFamily we understand the financial challenges families are facing and are passionate about helping overcome them. We provide financial products and services that recognise the diversity and complexity of modern family life and through the OneFamily Foundation we want to give back to our customers.

Our OneFamily Foundation’s programme of Personal Grants and Community Awards already provides financial support to help improve the lives of our customers, their loved ones and their local communities. For the first time ever, in 2017 we also offered a Charity Fund.

To find out what each of the three winners is planning to do with their share of the £120,000 funding, click on the links below.

Meet the winning campaigns

Aims of the fund

The OneFamily Foundation Charity Fund aims to help combat and alleviate financial pressures and make a positive and meaningful change to the lives of even more families across the UK.

Thank you to our members who voted for their favourite campaigns, and congratulations to the three winners.

We'll be working closely with each charity as they deliver their campaign over the next 18 months, sharing their progress and campaign highlights throughout the duration.

Charity Fund

If you would like to know more about the OneFamily Foundation Charity Fund and ways to apply on behalf of a charity in the future, please contact [email protected]