Ways to spend less and save the pennies at Christmas

Whilst Christmas is the most enjoyed season of the year for many, with the magical lights, festive decorations, impressive food, gift giving and of course spending time with family and friends, the pennies can add up.

Spreading Christmas magic

Although it may be quite different this year, it may be easier to sprinkle Christmas magic without emptying your purse or wallet. We've put together some ways to help you save the pennies and not be left with a blue January.

Create a budget plan

First, work out what you can afford. The perfect Christmas doesn‘t mean you have to spend a lot. Set yourself a maximum overall amount you are happy to spend and then break it down into sections such as decorations, a tree, Christmas dinner and presents, depending on what you tend to spend on. From there you can check your budget when shopping  making it easier to stick to.  It can be so easy to overspend, and this can help ease the financial stress.

DIY gift making

‘Do-it-yourself’ gifts tend to be perceived as a more heartfelt gesture by the important people in your life. You can find tutorials on various ideas on either YouTube or Pinterest. Some ideas we found were:

  • Creating your own candle or snow globe
  • Making soap, bath salts or bath bombs – you can get kits to help you out
  • If you have a skill in knitting or sewing, why not make them a scarf or a hat for the winter?
  • Baking is always a winner and doesn’t have to be difficult. Festive treats like fudge, chocolate bark or truffles are always a hit!
  • What about a small pot of potpourri to make their home smell like Christmas?

Secret Santa

If you have a large family or group of friends, you could organize a Secret Santa gift exchange, with a budget (of course), to save the pennies. That way, you only have to buy (and worry about ideas) for one person instead of ten! And you won’t be the only person thankful for the idea. It’s a great way of getting people together and having fun whilst not digging too big a hole into your budget.

Homemade decorations

There’s nothing more homely then having homemade Christmas decorations around the house. We found plenty of ideas to save you from having to raid the shop shelves:

  • Dried fruits are a popular and easy idea and smell amazing! All you need to do is slice up some oranges and bake for a couple of hours in the oven, hang up with cinnamon sticks and the room will smell like Christmas.
  • Salt dough ornaments are another easy decoration to make, once finished you can either paint or leave plain and then hang on the tree.
  • If you have any wood in the garden or nearby, you could carve out some mini wooden Christmas trees to sit on the shelves. You could use cardboard instead.
  • Before you recycle your glass jars, give them a wash and upcycle into snow globes.
  • If you’re into arts and crafts, you could create some garlands out of card such as cutting out ‘Merry Christmas’ and sticking onto a piece of string or cutting out some leaves and berries from some green and red card.

It’s also worth keeping an eye out in January as decorations go on sale so you can grab some at a low price and be prepared for next year!

Remember the true meaning

Its easy to forget what Christmas is all about in the buzz of the gift buying and food shopping. When you’re feeling stressed about the spending, just remember the true meaning of Christmas and how it isn’t about the money. Especially this year after everything that’s happened, it’s about something much bigger, being able to spend the time with friends and family.

Merry Christmas from us all at OneFamily!