Gifts that keep on giving

With Christmas just around the corner, the festive clock is well and truly ticking

If like many, you’re struggling for ideas on what to get your maybe-not-so-little-ones, then fear not: we’ve come up with a list of alternate ideas that can all be done without breaking the bank.

Experience day

After something a bit more memorable, that won’t be in the bin by January? Then an experience day could be right up their street. Consider something that will really get their heart pumping, like indoor skydiving, quad biking or zooming down a zip wire… all things unlikely to be forgotten in a hurry!

Cinema vouchers

What better way to kick off the new year than spending a few hours watching one of Hollywood’s latest blockbusters! With new Batman, Minions and Avatar films amongst various titles due out in 2022, you’ll have plenty of flicks to choose from. Now you just need to decide whether you’ll go salt or sweet for popcorn!

The great thing about cinema trips is they can work for a wide range of ages, and even a mixture of them. Bonus if you can tactically pair it with one including your favourite film star!

Magazine subscription

If they’ve got a passion or hobby for something, then a subscription to their favourite publication (printed or digital), could be a welcome surprise! From fashion to gaming, science to music - there really is something for everyone.

Tip - An annual subscription usually works out way cheaper than buying the same titles individually.

Front row tickets

Okay it doesn’t matter what row you’re on, but tickets to watch something live is always a winner. Whether it’s for a stage show to watch those boards being trodden and high notes hit, or maybe a visit to catch a game with their favourite sports team: being there as it happens really is unbeatable.

Tip - Save a few quid by taking your own snacks…!

Personalised gift

You can pretty much personalise anything online these days. Think trainers, jewellery or even phone covers! Putting that little bit of time and effort into creating something unique to them that will stand out for years and years to come!

How about designing and making their own cereal bowl at a pottery studio - something that will no doubt brighten up their breakfast for many a morning beyond!

Picture this

As the saying goes: “What goes around comes around.” First it was vinyl, now it’s the return of the instant camera! Capture those memories on film, with the magic of printing them seconds after they’ve happened.

Tip - Showcase your best snaps by clipping them on to a string with some mini pegs. Smile, click, print!

Cooking classes

Handy if you have offspring leaping into adulthood (like moving away to university). If you haven’t already, then arm them with some culinary skills they can take with them. With lessons available live in person or online; get peace of mind knowing they’ll have some homemade recipes up their sleeves!

Driving lessons

This one is great for teenagers looking to steer away from lifts here, there and everywhere. Amaze them with some initial driving lessons, getting them finally behind the wheel and on the road to in-dependence.

Tip - Once they’re a bit more comfortable, and if you’re feeling brave, you can buckle up and take them out for some personal lessons in your own motor!

Seasonal summary

We hope we’ve given you some good festive food for thought (no not mince pies) when it comes to things they might not expect. And if you save you a few quid along the way, even better… the perfect reason to make a little contribution to their Child Trust Fund or Junior ISA.

Okay it might not be at the top of their list, but this is probably one idea that could make them a bit of extra cash in the long run!

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