A tax-efficient way to invest for your child

Just think of all the things your child could do with some extra money when they’re 18. Heading to university or perhaps going travelling. Our Child Trust Fund (CTF) is an easily managed, tax-efficient way to potentially build up a lump sum that could help turn their plans and dreams into reality. Please remember that any tax advantages depend on your individual circumstances, and your child’s. Also, tax rules could change in the future.

Friends as well as family can invest a combined total of up to £4,080 into your child’s CTF every birthday year. This can be made up from regular or one-off payments or a mix of both. Because only the child can access the money and only from the age of 18, you can be assured that it’s there for them when they choose to move on to life’s next adventure.

Government rule changes mean that new Child Trust Fund accounts are no longer available. If you wish to invest with us and your child already has a CTF, you have three options:

  • If your child has a CTF with us, we’ll continue to take care of it.
  • If your child has a CTF with another provider, you can easily transfer it to us.
  • Or, you can transfer your child's CTF into a Junior ISA ».

We are an award winning provider of both CTF and JISA products*.

*Moneyfacts’ Best Junior ISA Provider in 2014 and 2012 and Best CTF Provider for 2010 and 2011 awarded to Family Investments.

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Experienced and trusted

We have 40 years' experience and look after over £7 billion of family money for over 2 million customers. Proud to be a mutual, we’re owned by you, our customers, so everything we do is genuinely about putting our customers first.

Easy online management

You can manage OneFamily Global Investments and OneFamily Ethical Child Trust Funds online, 24/7. You can see statements and the account’s current value and manage payments. It’s quick, easy and convenient. If you’re the registered contact who set up the CTF, you manage it until your child is 16.

Tax-efficient investments

The proceeds from the CTF are free from capital gains and income tax. So the full value goes to your child. However these tax advantages depend on you and your child's individual circumstances. Also, the tax rules could change in the future.

Award winning

We won Moneyfacts awards for best Child Trust Fund provider in 2010 and 2011, and best Junior ISA provider in 2012 and 2014.

Other people can pay in too

For example, friends and family might want to contribute, especially on a special occasion like your child’s birthday. Just so you know all contributions count towards the £4,080 annual limit.

How could your child's investment grow?

Our Child Trust Fund invests in stocks and shares as we believe this has good potential for growth over the long-term. In fact, over every 18-year period in the last 50 years, stocks and shares have generally had greater returns than bank or building society accounts* (where the money you put in is protected but typically only grows modestly).

Remember, good returns in the past don’t guarantee good returns in the future and there’s always the possibility that the CTF’s value could fall as well as rise. This is normal for investments in stocks and shares, but it means your child could get back less than has been paid in.

*Source: Barclays equity gilt study February 2015. Average annual real rate of return based on Barclays indices.

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Read more about how stocks and shares have performed against cash*  »

*Please note that the information provided is for your reference only and is based on general market information, not our own data.

Transferring a Child Trust Fund to us

We make it as simple as possible to transfer a Child Trust Fund from another provider to us, and we won't charge you to do this. However, please do check with your current provider in case they have any charges.

If you wish to transfer a Child Trust Fund to our stocks and shares Junior ISA find out more here »


  1. Check you have all the facts by reading the Important Information booklets and Key Investor Information documents. You need to make sure that it's suitable for you and your child.
  2. Choose between three funds; our Global Investments Child Trust Fund, UK Investments Child Trust Fund and our Ethical Child Trust Fund.
  3. Download and print the transfer form for the account you prefer (see below).
  4. Complete the form and send it to us at OneFamily, 16-17 West Street, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 2RL.
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Three options to choose from

When you transfer a CTF held with another provider to us, you can choose from three funds. Each aims to grow your child’s account by investing in stocks and shares but approach it in different ways.

Please note that by completing and sending us a transfer form you are confirming that you have downloaded and kept a copy of the Important Information booklet and Key Investor Information document.

UK Investments Child Trust

This CTF invests in the Santander Stock Market 100 Tracker Growth Unit Trust - IA Class which invests in shares in a spread of companies listed on the FTSE100 Index in the UK.

Key Features »

Key Investor Information document »

Terms and Conditions »

Download transfer form

Global Investments Child Trust Fund

This CTF invests in the Family Investments Child Trust Fund which in turn invests in shares across several different stock market indices in the UK, Far East, North America and Europe.

Important Information booklet »

Key Investor Information document »

Download the fund factsheet »

Download transfer form

Ethical Child
Trust Fund

This CTF invests in the Family Charities Ethical Trust which in turn invests mainly in UK shares, in companies on the FTSE4Good UK 50 Index*. The companies are included on the index for their responsible attitude to environmental and social issues, making this a more ethical way to invest.

Important Information booklet »

Key Investor Information document »

Download the fund factsheet »

Download transfer form

*“FTSE ®” is a trademark jointly owned by the London Stock Exchange plc and the Financial Times Limited and is used under license by FTSE. FTSE does not sponsor, endorse or promote this product.
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If you have a Global Investments Child Trust Fund or Ethical Child Trust Fund with us, you can register today to manage your child’s account online.

We'll let you know as soon as you can manage a UK Investments Child Trust Fund account online. Meanwhile, if you need any help please try our Q&A's or contact us ».

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