modern family finance,
for all of us

Modern families are always evolving,
and so are we.

We’ve always been a champion of families, whatever shape they take, and our customers are at the heart of everything we do – but our brand wasn’t reflective of that. We are proud to share our new brand refresh with you, the people that matter most to us, the modern families we support.

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Our customer owners are now the face of our business

Finance is no longer personal; it’s inter-generational and it’s shared. Whether you are investing in the care of your grandparents, or helping your children get on the property ladder. Whether you want to invest in laptops, gap-years and uni, or prepare life for the next generation. When we all understand finance, talk about it and invest in our futures together, we are all stronger.

As a customer-owned business, our people are, and have always been, our focus and inspiration; and now – they’re the face of our brand too. A modern family is who we are – the parents, the divorced, the adopted, the estranged, the live-in grandma and the mate your kid calls ‘Aunty’. The people our customers speak with every day.

Our journey

The process of delivering a brand refresh is one that touches every part of the business, from the customer services team to the CEO. Working with UnitedUS brand agency to deliver the refresh, we spoke directly to our customer base, met face-to-face with over a 5th of all employees and engaged our partner businesses to understand what they feel about OneFamily and how they understand us as an organisation. The common thread from these conversations was the term ‘modern family finance’, which we felt perfectly articulated how we communicate our corporate purpose and as such adopted it as our new strapline.

Our old logo was ‘nice’ – but we all know that nice just isn’t, well… great! Modern families like ours need financial support and security – and we also want a business that will reinvest its profits to the betterment of all of us. Oh – and one that looks and works great on the go!

Our new logo – or ‘Corona’ as we like to call it – represents the inclusivity and support that we believe is at the heart of modern families and our business.

Logo Animation

Our imagery & colour

Long gone are the days of bland stock-photo ‘families’. Our photography is comprised of all of us. Yes, really!

Take a look through our images and you’ll spot Sarah – from the Brand team, Rachel – from Internal Communications, Matt – from Customer Services, and more. We’re celebrating real people and the modern families that make up our businesses and communities.

Massive thanks

Finally, a huge shout-out to everyone who has worked tirelessly to bring the new brand refresh to life: All of the teams at OneFamily; our Senior Execs, the Brand team, Marketing & Communications, Digital, the People team and every person who attended a workshop, gave feedback, posed for photos and generally made the whole journey so enjoyable.

To our creative brand partner UnitedUS, our tech friends at RocketMill, the designers & printers at MMP & APS and our voice at Lansons – we couldn’t have done it without your all. Between the teams over 700 pieces of collateral have been designed, created, reviewed, proofed and printed ready for our refresh to shape the look of OneFamily for the many years to come, and we can’t wait to bring you, our amazing customers, on the journey with us.