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Life-changing new play area for Bromsgrove lad after garden makeover

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An autistic boy from Bromsgrove has had a specially adapted play area built in his garden, after receiving a grant from financial mutual OneFamily.

Dan Kinchin, aged 14, uses his garden to control his autism, burning off excess energy by playing outside. However, the space can become slippery, especially during winter months, and Dan has fallen and hurt himself on many occasions.

Concerned by this – and wanting to make a change for her son, Maxine, Dan’s mum, decided to install artificial grass in the garden and applied to OneFamily for a £500 personal grant to kick-start the process.

She said:

“Being outdoors is vital for Dan’s wellbeing – he uses the garden as a place where he can play without boundaries.

“As a teenager, it’s fantastic that Dan can have his own space outside the house where he’s able to take time-out away from the family, but is still near enough to home that we can look out for him.”

Karl Elliott, marketing director at OneFamily, said:

“Active play is clearly really important for Dan and his family, so it’s great to know that the new all-weather surface in the garden will make a difference.

“Through our Foundation, OneFamily provides personal grants to support customers and those they care about when they need it most. In 2016, we awarded more than £300,000 to people across the country.”

Over a period of five years, OneFamily aspires to make £5 million available through its Foundation, helping to improve the lives of its customers, their families and communities.

OneFamily members can apply for Foundation funding and are encouraged to visit our Personal Grants page for more information.  Funding is available for members which may be used to help them and their families in times of hardship or when support is needed to make things a little bit better.