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Your investment options

When you open a Lifetime ISA or a Stocks and Shares ISA with OneFamily, you’ll be asked to choose which fund you want to invest in.

There’s two to choose from: Global Equity and Global Mixed.

To put it simply, one is riskier than the other, but with potential for bigger returns. That’s because 100% of the money you put into our Global Equity fund is invested in the stock market, compared to only up to 35% of the money you put into our Global Mixed fund. The remaining 65% goes into “fixed interest investments”, which earn a set amount of interest through being invested in fixed interest assets and bonds.

Investing in stocks and shares can be a great way to grow your money and can offer higher returns than accounts that make money through interest. In fact, since 2000, stocks and shares have consistently out-grown interest rates over every 10-year period.*

However, investing comes with a degree of risk. There could be some downs as well as ups along the way – but if you’re happy to keep your money invested and think longer term, there’s good potential for your money to grow.

*Source: Barclays GILT study 2023.

Choosing a fund

We have two expertly designed investment funds to choose from when you open your ISA or Lifetime ISA.

Your planet, your money, invested your way

Here at OneFamily, we understand the importance of climate change, and how acting now can make a real, positive impact to the world we’ll live in tomorrow.

We’ve designed two funds to give you the option of investing up to 100% (Global Equity fund) or up to 35% (Global Mixed fund) of your money in companies that are doing more to tackle climate change.

Our Global Equity fund, and up to 35% of our Global Mixed fund, invests into the shares of companies that are working towards causing less environmental damage compared to the companies non-climate-friendly funds are likely to invest in. The other 65% of the Global Mixed fund is used to buy lower-risk fixed interest assets.

Companies are given a climate score which means we are more likely to invest your money in companies that:


Look to reduce fossil fuel reserves (like greenhouse and gas emissions)


Target increasing revenues through green business activities


Aim to lower CO2 emissions from their activities


Cut down on brown revenues (from areas such as mining and drilling)

When choosing between Global Mixed and Global Equity, you might also like to think about how much risk you're comfortable taking with your money. With Global Mixed, you are less likely to lose money as at least 65% is used to buy fixed-interest assets, but this fund has less potential to grow your money.

Both Lifetime ISA and Stocks and Shares ISA have the same investment options.

Have a look at our infographic which explains how investing green can work for your money and the environment

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