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Lifetime ISA Hub

The Lifetime ISA is a great way to save for your first home or for your retirement thanks to a 25% government bonus on your savings.

Find out more about the product, the bonus, how much you can contribute and how to use it in our Lifetime ISA hub.

Lifetime ISA allowance

The tax year ends on the 5th April, which marks the Lifetime ISA deadline for each year, so there’s limited time to make use of the 25% government bonus

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The front of two terraced houses, one with a blue front, the other pink

How to get on the property ladder

Your first home may feel like it will take a long time to save for. But there are ways to get there a little bit sooner.

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Saving for retirement when you’re self-employed

As a self-employed person you don’t get automatically enrolled in a workplace pension. How can you save for retirement?

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Lifetime ISA Charges

There are always some underlying charges when investing in a stocks and shares Lifetime ISA, regardless of your chosen provider.

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Help to Buy ISA vs Lifetime ISA – which is right for you?

There are two ISAs that can help you save for your first home; the Help to Buy ISA and the Lifetime ISA

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What is a Lifetime ISA?

A Lifetime ISA is an ISA with a government bonus that can help you save for your first home or retirement.

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