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Why open a junior ISA?

Many people feel overwhelmed by all the different ways to save for their child's future.

Junior ISAs are one of the most popular products chosen by parents looking to put some money aside for when their child reaches adulthood. They're long-term saving or investment accounts, which anyone can pay into but only the child can withdraw from, and only when they turn 18.

Here are just some of the reasons why people choose junior ISAs.

1. Junior ISAs are tax-exempt

Like all ISAs (Individual Savings Accounts), junior ISAs are tax-exempt, meaning there's no tax to pay when your child withdraws the money.

Whether you choose a cash JISA, which grows by building interest, or your choose to invest in a stocks and shares JISA, any money the JISA makes won't count towards your child’s tax allowance.

2. Only the child can access the money

You can open a junior ISA for a child under 18 (under 16 for a OneFamily Junior ISA), as long as you have parental responsibility for the child. This will make you the registered contact for the JISA.

Once the JISA is open, anyone can pay money in – aunties, uncles, friends, even neighbours, can all help to build that pot of money for your child's future.

However, the JISA will be in your child's name and they're the only person who will ever be able to access the money. When money is paid in, it's treated as a gift to the child and you won't be able to take it back.

What's more, your child will only be able to withdraw money from the account after their 18th birthday. They can take charge of the account once they're 16 if they'd like to manage it.

This means any money that's been saved for your child's future can't be dipped into, no matter how tempting that might be!

3. Your child has options at 18

Once your child turns 18 their JISA automatically becomes an adult ISA. They can choose to either keep saving or withdraw the money to spend it how they wish.

By starting to save early with a JISA, you'll have given your child more options at the start of adulthood. They could put the money towards higher education, use it to buy a home of their own, have the freedom to fund a business idea, or it could give them the security of a financial buffer as they make their way in life.

You can find out more about your child's options when they turn 18 in our Next Steps guide.

Could a OneFamily Junior ISA be right for you and your child?

As a five-time award-winning junior ISA provider, we have plenty of experience in helping families invest in their children’s future. From eligibility to details on how our product works, we’re here to help you invest in a junior ISA that’s right for your child.

Open a stocks and shares Junior ISA for your child from just £10 a month

Available for children under 16 who don't already have a child trust fund

We charge only one simple Annual Management Charge of 1.5% of the account value

Choose between two different investment funds for your child's Junior ISA

How much could you save for your child?

Try our Junior ISA calculator to find out how contributing regularly to a junior ISA could help you build up a lump sum for your child.

Things to consider before opening a junior ISA

If your child already has a child trust fund in their name, then you will need to transfer the funds as your child can't have both a child trust fund and a junior ISA.

However, your child can have both a cash junior ISA and a stocks and shares junior ISA.

Junior ISA

OneFamily Junior ISA

With our stocks and shares Junior ISA you can start investing from just £10 per month up to a maximum of £9,000 each year on behalf of a child. Anyone can pay in, and the child will gain access to the account once they are 18 years old.

Explore Junior ISA

Stocks and shares JISAs have good long-term growth potential, but the value of your investments can go up or down and your child could get back less money than you’ve put in.

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Transfer a child trust fund or junior ISA

Transferring a child trust fund or junior ISA from another provider to OneFamily is simple and we don't charge you to do so.

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Learn more about junior ISAs

Find out more about how a JISA can help you save for your child's future.


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