Marie Harnett Bilston

Two women sit on a leather sofa with a baby

When Marie heard about the OneFamily Personal Grants she decided to apply to help fund specialist sensory equipment for her cousin’s baby girl, Isla-Grace.

When Isla-Grace was only a few months old she was diagnosed with Ocular Albinism, a rare condition that left her parents, Katie and Dave fearing she would be completely blind.

Within a couple of months, the family noticed a huge improvement in Isla’s sight and she became receptive to particular lights and colours. After seeking support and advice on Isla’s condition, Katie and Dave began encouraging Isla by using sensory equipment and lights, both at groups and at home.

Katie’s cousin, Marie, decided to apply for a Personal Grant so she could help her family adapt to Isla’s condition.

“When I heard about the Personal Grants I automatically thought of baby Isla. Her parents work so hard to support her, spending time with her and taking her to sensory support groups so it’s amazing to be able to help them out this way.”

The grant will fund sensory lights and other specialist equipment that mean Isla’s family can support her, giving her every chance to improve her sight as she gets older.