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We empower modern families throughout their financial lives. Here you can find company news, thought and insight from the OneFamily team and our CEO Teddy Nyahasha.

How we supported our community in July

Hiking, running, mentoring and celebrating – these are just some of the ways the OneFamily team supported great causes in July.

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Financial wellness tips from the OneFamily team

To help you get started with some easy ways to improve your financial wellness, we asked OneFamily staff to share their tips on saving.

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How we’re helping students develop business skills

We welcomed students from IntoUniversity to our Brighton office as part of our continuing commitment to supporting our local communities.

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Rising cost of living causing under 40s to choose between marriage, home and children

Recent research by OneFamily found that more than two thirds of under 40s are choosing between marriage, buying a home and having children.

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OneFamily staff volunteering at Stanmer Wellbeing Gardens

How we supported our community in May

We’re proud to support charities throughout the UK and within our local area. This month, OneFamily staff painted, gardened, interviewed and raised awareness.

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Aerial view of Liverpool buildings

Boldness, creativity and a mutual mindset – the driving force that’s needed right now

Mutuals were the original crowd-funders – helping members provide for the future, regardless of their financial position.

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Group of people stood with their hands together in the middle

How OneFamily is Inspiring Better Futures

We want you to feel as proud as we are of the positive impact OneFamily has on the world.

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Energy Crisis vs Climate Change: Are investors’ priorities changing?

It would be an understatement to say that these past few years have not been easy. Not only have our lives been turned upside-down by a global pandemic

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Investment advice could help financial inclusion

I’ve spoken before about fairness and financial inclusion; how smaller savers are disadvantaged by complex investment products

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A father and son sit at a table while looking at a tablet, laughing together.

Hope for families whose children have mental incapacity

There’s some hope for the families of young adults who do not have the mental capacity to manage their financial affairs in the form of a Government consultation that has recently been launched.

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