Transfer to a OneFamily Stocks & Shares ISA

We make it as simple as possible to transfer an ISA from another provider to us, and we won't charge you to do this. However, please do check with your current provider in case they have any charges.

It's easy to transfer

  1. Make sure our climate-friendly Stocks & Shares ISA is the product you're looking for by reading the Terms and Conditions and Key Features documents
  2. Choose the fund that's right for you by reading the Key Investor Information documents
  3. Complete the online application
  4. Print and sign your completed form and return it to FREEPOST ONEFAMILY
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Frequently asked questions - transferring to a OneFamily Stocks & Shares ISA

Our ISA invests in stocks and shares which means you could see more growth than cash over the long term - as with all investing, this approach does come with risk and you could lose money as well.

People choose OneFamily because we not only offer competitive charges, we also have a strong moral compass. We’re not owned by shareholders so we don’t pay dividends - put simply this means our profits can be used to benefit our members and our community.

We also care about the environment and offer climate-friendly stocks and shares ISAs and LISAs which invest in companies who take climate change seriously.

So, you can rest assured that you’re helping to support the companies that are working towards a more climate-friendly business model.

As a member of OneFamily, you’ll also have access to free equity release advice (worth £950), the option to apply for apprenticeship support and you'll be able to apply for a Young Person's Education Grant on behalf of someone you know.

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