Top locations to raise a family - 2013

Every parent will have a different idea about what makes the perfect location to bring up their family, for some it's house price affordability and access to employment, others are concerned about the standard of education and schools results, whilst some value softer measures such as access to GreenFlag Parks and local amenities such as a museums. We've taken a look at some of these factors and compiled some alternative Top 10s; The greater London Top 10, top 10 cities and the top commuter towns.


Our top 10 locations

Top 10 cities


More urban areas may provide easier access to amenities, cultural activites and in many cases better economic prospects. We therefore looked at how the biggest cities in England and Wales score.

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Top 10 towns

Commuter towns

Economic necessity means a daily commute for many of us. With this in mind, we've pulled out the highest scoring postcodes within easy reach [less than 15 miles] of major city centres.

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Top 10 Greater London

Greater London towns

Living in London or close by can be an absolute necessity for some families. So we've used our data analysis to identify the best spots in Greater London for raising a family.

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