Need help managing your account?

At OneFamily, we understand that some of our customers find phoning or writing to us challenging and that can make managing their account harder.

For example, some customers may find a telephone security check difficult, some won't have access to the internet and others may find talking to someone over the phone stressful.

There are lots of things we can do to help. For example, you may want a trusted or family or friend to help you or you may want us to confirm the outcome of a telephone conversation in writing. Please get in touch, using the information below, so we can find the support that works for you.

Power of Attorney: Although we’ll do our best to help, you may want to think about completing a Power of Attorney document. This will allow someone else you trust to make decisions or act on your behalf. More help and guidance on this can be found below.


Support groups, charities and how to set up Power of Attorney


(Just so you know, the links will open in a new window).


Dementia UK

They specialise in supporting families living with dementia.

Visit the site 

How we can help teens access their Child Trust Fund money

Visit the page


Age UK

A charity that offers support and guidance to older people in the uk.

Visit the site

How to complete Power of Attorney

(You must be over 18 and have mental capacity to do this).

Visit the site

More ways we can help

There may be more we can do to help you. Here are some links to find out what some of the ways we can help.

Money worries? 

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Affected by sight or hearing loss? 

Click here for help

Other health issues or disabilities?

Click here for help

Living through a bereavement?

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