Choose a payment method

You can set up a regular Direct Debit or make a one-off payment by debit card. The maximum amount you can pay in is currently £9,000 each account year. An account year runs between the child's birthdays.


  • Only the child can access the money and only at age 18
  • The value of stocks and shares investments can fall as well as rise, meaning the child could get back less than is paid in
  • The effects of inflation mean the child won't be able to buy as much in the future with the money as they can today

Pay into a CTF

Debit card payment

Make a one-off payment using a debit card.

Card payment

New Direct Debit

Set up a new monthly Direct Debit.

New Direct Debit

Amend existing Direct Debit

Make a change to an existing Direct Debit.

Amend Direct Debit