Terms and Conditions for the 'Lifetime Mortgage Advice' member benefit

1. The benefit is open to OneFamily members who hold one of the following products listed in the table below. The table outlines which party is the member who can use the benefit and/or refer it to another party.

Product type Member
Child Trust Fund
(Except former Legal & General Child Trust Fund customers)
The child*
Junior ISA The child*
Lifetime ISA The account holder
OneFamily ISA (formerly PEP) and OneFamily ISA The account holder
Post Office Money® ISA
(accounts opened prior to 06/04/2018)
The account holder
Child Savings Plans The Child*
Junior Bond The Child*
Unit Trust (on behalf of a Child) The first named plan holder until the child reaches 18
Family Bond The policy holder
Adult Savings Plans The account holder
Life Insurance Plans The policy holder
Over 50s Life Cover The policy holder
Lifetime Mortgage The account holder

* Where the child is under the age of 18 and a registered contact or representative exists on the account, the registered contact or representative will be eligible to use the benefit themselves on behalf of the child and refer it to friends and relatives on the child’s behalf.

2. We regret that OneFamily members holding pension products are not eligible for this this member benefit as it is expected to have adverse tax consequences for both the member and the product. Members holding a pension product may still be eligible for the member benefit if they also hold other OneFamily products, as listed in point 1 above.

3. The member must have a current product as outlined above at the time the member benefit is applied for.

4. OneFamily Advice will check eligibility for the offer and may decline to provide the benefit where these terms are not met.

5. The benefit is that the £950 OneFamily Advice fee for lifetime mortgage advice will be paid on behalf of the applicant by the OneFamily Foundation.

6. The benefit can be withdrawn by OneFamily at any time. Applications that have been accepted will be honored and we will try to advertise the end of the offer at least one month in advance of it closing, unless the volume of applications received means we need to close the offer immediately or within a shorter period of time.

7. This benefit is non-exchangeable and has a zero-cash value.

8. Eligible members may also refer this benefit to a friend or relative. OneFamily Advice will check the member’s eligibility for the offer.

9. Eligible members can use this member benefit themselves once in each calendar year. Additionally, eligible members may refer the benefit to a maximum of two friends or relatives during the same period.

10. OneFamily members who are non-UK resident are unable to utilise this benefit themselves. However, they can still refer the benefit to a maximum of two friends or family who are UK residents during each calendar year.