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Who is OneFamily?

You may not have heard of us until recently, but we've probably been part of your life for a long time.

We can continue supporting you

Until now, your parent or guardian will have been managing your account but now that it's almost time for you to take over your Child Trust Fund, we're able to talk to you directly.

We’re keen to continue supporting you, just as we have done until now, but you probably want to know a bit more about us before you decide what you want to do with your Child Trust Fund.

We make a difference

We’re based in Brighton on the south coast of England and we’ve been providing financial products and services for more than 45 years.

One of the things that makes us different from other financial organisations is that we’re owned by our members – which includes you! This means we don’t have shareholders to pay dividends to, so our profits can go back into our products, services and member benefits.

Our Inspiring Better Futures vision underpins our commitment to doing the right thing at every level – sustainably and responsibly - with a focus on access to education and training, improving life chances and fostering financial wellbeing. Our vision drives our commitment to supporting our members and communities, creating an inclusive and diverse work environment and our growing investment in companies who share our values.

We're proud to have awarded over £4.75 million in funding since 2015, supporting over 390 fantastic causes and improving the lives of over 3,200 people through our individual grants.* In 2021 we created meaningful, long-term partnerships with charities who share our vision, supporting them both financially and through employee volunteering.

We'd like you to continue to be part of OneFamily

The right thing to do with your Child Trust Fund depends on your individual circumstances and your savings goals. We encourage you to talk to your parent, guardian or other adults you trust if you need help deciding what to do.

We’d hate to say goodbye, especially after we’ve been part of your life for so long. If you decide to keep some or all of your money invested with us for your future, it’s easy to transfer all or some of your Child Trust Fund into our Stocks and Shares ISA or Lifetime ISA.

ISAs are a tax-efficient way to invest in your future, meaning you don’t have to pay any Income tax or Capital Gains tax on the money you take out.

And if you choose to move your money into a lifetime ISA, the government will top-up your savings by 25%!** Only choose this option if you plan to use the money to buy your first home or leave it invested until you turn 60 though (otherwise the government will charge you a penalty fee). You can invest up to £4,000 a year in a lifetime ISA.

We’re passionate about investing responsibly and sustainably, that’s why our Stocks and Shares ISA and Lifetime ISA both come with the option to invest in a climate-focused fund. Our Global Equity fund looks at how much companies are doing to prepare for climate change and reduce their negative impact on the environment, before choosing which companies to buy shares in.

Invest for your future with OneFamily

Find out more about investing all or part of your Child Trust Fund in our ISA or Lifetime ISA

Find out more

We're here to help

Even if you’d like to spend all your Child Trust Fund money right now, it doesn’t have to be the end of our journey. You can still open a new Stocks and Shares ISA or Lifetime ISA with us for as little as £25 a month.

If not, you can still find plenty of information on managing your finances in our Maturity Hub.

*Figures correct as at 31 December 2021.

**25% government bonus towards the purchase of your first home or your retirement from age 60. To avoid a 25% Government withdrawal charge, you must have held a Lifetime ISA for 12 months before purchasing your first home and the money can only be used for buying your first home or for your retirement from age 60

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