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Child Trust Fund insights

If you were born in the UK between 1 September 2002 and 2 January 2011 it's likely the government gave you a child trust fund.

The government will have made the first payment and your family could then carry on paying money in for you. You'll be able to take the money out when you turn 18.

Not sure if you have a child trust fund? Use our checker to find out.

How do you access your Child Trust Fund?

You first need to find out which provider has your child trust fund. Our child trust fund checker might be able to help you or you could try visiting the UK government website.

If your child trust fund is with OneFamily, you'll be able to register for an online account once you turn 16 and take money out when you turn 18. You might decide to move your money into another type of account where you can keep saving - you'll be able to do this in your online account.

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What happens to your child trust fund when you turn 18?

It matures! That means you can take money out or move it into another account. Only the person the child trust fund was opened for will be able to do this. If your child trust fund is with OneFamily, you'll be able to register for an online account to tell us what you'd like to do.

You won't be able to pay any more money in, but your child trust fund will keep being invested (or earning interest if it's a cash child trust fund) while there's still money in it.

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What can I do with the money in my child trust fund?

Used wisely, your child trust fund money could put you on the path to the future you want.

Even if it's not yet enough to pay for a car or a house deposit, it could be the start of a savings pot which opens up more options for your future.

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