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Helping you keep track of your finances

Keeping your finances in check can sometimes be confusing, especially when it comes to managing all your information and documentation. Whether it’s completing your tax return or just getting your financial affairs in order, it’s really useful to have all the information in one place.

To help ease this task, we’ve made a handy booklet to help you keep a record of:

  • Key contacts such as your solicitor, broker, accountant and mortgage provider
  • Your bank and building society account details, credit cards and any loans
  • All of your financial assets, be those cash savings, stocks and shares, bonds or mutual funds
  • Details of your pensions and any properties you own
  • Your insurance policies (e.g. buildings, contents, life and protection insurance)
  • Your utility providers (e.g. energy, water and telecoms) and local council
  • Other contracts such as any club memberships and other subscriptions
  • The executors of your will, any power of attorneys and your desired funeral arrangements

This booklet is free to download and print at home. We hope it lends a helping hand in the daily management of all your finances!

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