One year since the first child trust funds matured – here’s how to locate your missing £2k account

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This Wednesday marks the one-year anniversary of the first child trust funds (CTFs) maturing for teenagers in the UK – but many remain unsure on how to locate theirs.

How much is held in CTFs?

OneFamily’s data shows that child trust fund accounts maturing over the last year held an average of just over £2,000. Some six million young people in the UK have a child trust fund, but as many as one in six accounts either remain dormant or may not have up to date contact details listed – perhaps because families have moved home.

What if I can’t find a CTF?

Families who are unsure on who holds their child trust fund and want to track down their savings can sign up to the CTF Register for free by filling in a simple form at, or can visit for more information.

Providers have been actively trying to locate account holders in the run up to the maturity of their accounts. OneFamily is the UK’s biggest child trust fund provider, holding over a quarter of the market.  Its Head of Investments, Paul Bridgwater, said:

“If you don’t know where your CTF is held, don’t worry – your money is still there waiting to be found.  It’s not gone forever if you haven’t got round to claiming it.

“However, we do want to reunite you with your account, so as well as undertaking tracing activities we are working with the CTF Register, which is an invaluable tool to use if you are looking for your savings. What’s great is that it’s entirely free and easy to use.”

What happens to unclaimed CTFs?

Forty percent of OneFamily’s maturing accounts have not yet been claimed, since sometimes account holders need a little more time to decide what to do with the money. However, even when the child trust funds are unclaimed, the money isn’t lost. It’s safely held until the young person gets in touch with their provider. This means account holders continue to receive the benefits of their fund and keep their tax-free status.

What exactly is a child trust fund and who gets one?

Child trust funds were awarded to every child born between 1 September 2002 and 1 January 2011. Child trust funds were designed to encourage good savings habits and give parents a head start in putting money aside for their child’s future. The policy saw accounts given to over six million children, with up to £500 free from the Government.

Available to access upon turning 18, the first funds matured on 1 September 2020 and can be reinvested into ISAs or savings accounts to continue growing the lump sum or used to fund early life expenses such as driving lessons or university living expenses.


Notes to Editors

Unless otherwise stated, all data is from OneFamily internal records relating to Child Trust Funds (CTFs)