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Crowd out bigotry with fabulousness and joy

August 2022

Teddy Nyahasha, CEO

After a long two years of waiting, Brighton & Hove finally got to celebrate Pride in all its sparkliest and most fabulous of costumes.

The weather was beautiful, the crowds joyful and the Parade had happiness running through it like a stick of Brighton rock. It was a perfect day.

This year’s theme of ‘Love, Protest and Unity’ shone a spotlight on everything that has been achieved so far in fighting inequality, campaigning for change and fundraising for vital community projects. But there is still so much to be done.

OneFamily has been an active supporter and partner of Brighton & Hove Pride for many years; as an employer based in the heart of the city it means a lot to us to be a part of something so very important. Pride is something that we live as an organisation, and we support our colleagues in bringing their true selves to work every day.

"Pride is not something that happens just once a year "

As far as I’m concerned Pride is not something that happens just once a year – I strongly believe that every day should be lived colourfully and as full to the brim as possible with hope for the future.

However, its joyful celebration of diversity should be an annual reminder that we’re not there yet. It highlights that true equality and inclusion continue to be an ongoing process. I am proud to be part of that process as an ally and I’m unafraid to call out unacceptable words or behaviour, no matter who you are.

If light can overcome darkness, then maybe we can crowd out bigotry with colourful sparkliness, fabulousness and joy.

I look forward to Pride in 2023.


Teddy is a strong supporter of diversity, inclusion and equality. A passionate believer in social mobility and financial inclusion; he is using his position as CEO of OneFamily to help the young, the disadvantaged and the marginalised to reach beyond their expectations. His view is that everyone in society should have the same opportunities to access financial products – regardless of their wealth.

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