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Frequently asked questions

Common questions and answers about Personal Grants

What can I apply for?

Typically, Grants will fall under the categories below where hardship is evident:

  • Respite breaks for carers
  • Home modification/repairs
  • Disability/Mobility aids e.g. mobility scooter
  • Essential furniture e.g. beds, fridge freezer
  • Specialist software to help those with learning difficulties

The following is not an exhaustive list but provides some examples of the sorts of needs which may and may not be eligible to receive funding from The Foundation through a Personal Grant Application.

Eligible to receive a Personal Grant Not eligible to receive a Personal Grant
A course to improve skills or to learn a trade to help someone get back into work. To pay for something that is considered an everyday cost – for example, the weekly shopping.
To help an elderly relative or friend stay in their home for as long as possible by making home modifications. To pay for something that could reasonably be considered a luxury item, such as a wide screen television, a computer, laptop or tablet device for leisure purposes.
For essential home repairs if no other source of funding is available. To cover a salary or wage so that someone can take time away from work (for example a sabbatical).
To pay for equipment or home alterations for someone with an illness or disability (e.g. reclining/riser chairs or walk-in showers; audio software to help the visually impaired, or specialist software to help those with additional learning needs). The advancement of religion/ faith.
To pay for counselling (e.g. for bereavement) if no other source of funding is available. Individual sponsorship (for example towards an individual fundraising target (charity run etc) or funding to work abroad).
To help an elderly or vulnerable person with an unforeseen bill. A contribution to a larger fundraising appeal.
To fully fund a vocational course. Part payment for a course with ongoing costs.
Music lessons not covered in the National or Primary School Curriculum, Curriculum for Excellence in Scotland, or Northern Ireland Curriculum. To pay for tutoring for subjects that form part of The National or Primary School Curriculum, Curriculum for Excellence in Scotland, or Northern Ireland Curriculum. To pay for entry into “selective school examinations.”
To pay for carpets or furniture if there is a genuine health, safety or wellbeing need within a household. To pay for replacement of old carpets or furniture to complete a cosmetic redecoration of a room.
To pay for a break for respite purposes, or to provide relief away from traumatic circumstances. To pay for a general leisure break or holiday.
When can I apply for a Personal Grant?

Customers can apply for a Personal Grant at any time throughout the year.

When do the draws for the Personal Grants take place?

We aim to announce the winners of each draw at the start of each month.

I used to have a policy with OneFamily but it has now lapsed. Am I eligible to apply?

Unfortunately not, all applications for Personal Grants and Community Awards must hold a live policy with OneFamily throughout their application.

The grant amount I require is MORE than £1000, can I still apply?

We will consider applications where the amount required is over £1000, providing that you can confirm you’re able to pay the additional amount yourself without going into further financial hardship or debt.

The grant amount I require is LESS than £1000, can I still apply?

Yes of course, we’re aware that not all items required will cost exactly £1000. You can apply for any amount but will only be awarded up to the value of £1000.

Can I apply for a Personal Grant for someone else that isn’t a OneFamily customer?

Yes, you can apply for a Personal Grant for yourself, a close family member or a close friend. However, all applications must be submitted by a OneFamily customer.

Can I amend my application once I’ve submitted it?

No, you will need to withdraw the application and submit a new one. If we need any more information to process your application, a member of the Foundation team will be in touch.

My application has been declined, can I apply again?

Yes, if you need any guidance on what can be applied for, refer to the OneFamily Foundation Terms and Conditions.

My application didn’t win, can I apply again?

Yes, however all applications that aren’t selected as a winner will remain in the draw for a consecutive 2 times. So you essentially have up to 3 chances of being selected at random as a winner. After 3 draws your application will expire and you can apply again from scratch.

If I win, will my story be shared on the website/in the media/on Facebook?

No, we will only ever share your story if you have explicitly given your consent. If you have given consent for us to share your story for marketing purposes, we will always contact you beforehand to discuss opportunities with you first.

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